PUGLIA: those are the bike available for  Self guided  tours

Gravel Bikes for rent in Puglia

These bikes are ideal for multi-terrain adventures – they’ll take you on backroads, farm tracks, and of course gravel. You can even expect these bikes to handle advanced off roading riding and, in the hands of the right rider, mountain bike trails.

 Frame  Gravel X Carbon Monocoque
Sizes S, M, L, XL
 Groupset Shimano GRX
 Brakes Shimano GRX Hydra
 Tyres Hutchinson 700 x 40
 Crank set Shimano GRX 46/30
 Cassette Shimano 105 11/34
gravel cycling Puglia

Road Bikes for rent in Puglia

Bicycles with drop handlebars are built for traveling at higher speeds on paved roads, sometimes referred to as racing bikes. Our race bikes are all brand-new, reliable, and well maintained for your ideal cycling experience in Italy. Extremely efficient, incredibly smooth to ride and will take you everywhere with stability after a professional bike fitting session. Race bike with drop handle bar is strongly recommended if you regularly use these types of bikes!

 Frame Fusion Disc Full Carbon
 Sizes S, M, L, XL
 Groupset Shimano 105
 Brakes Shimano 105
 Tyres  700×28 Tyres
 cassette Shimano 105 11/32
road bike Puglia tour

E-Bikes for rent in Puglia

The hills won’t be so hard with our new E-bikes. E-bikes are regular pedal bikes that provide electric assistance whenever you want it. If you intend cycling long distances, scaling the hilly inland of Puglia and you want a helping hand, E-bike is the right choice.

 Frame  Deep
 Sizes  S, M, L, XL
 Battery  500 WH
Gears Shimano XT  2×10 speed
 Tyres Schwalbe
Engine Yamaha
e bike e1647540706521 Bike Rental in Puglia

Hybrids Trekking bike for rent in Puglia

Touring bikes blend the characteristics of race bikes and mountain bikes. Tourings typically have the flat, straight handlebars that provide a fairly upright sitting position and are designed to reduce shoulder and neck fatigue; a more upright position also provides more opportunities to view the beautiful countryside. Our Hybrids are lightweight with narrow road tyres for low rolling resistance, allowing for greater speed and less exertion when riding on paved roads.

 Frame Light Aluminium
 Sizes S, M, L, XL
 Fork Rigid (suspension on demand)
 Groupset Shimano Deore 27 speed
 Brakes Disc or V Brakes
 Tyres Schwalbe 700×35
Handlebar Comfortable adjustable v-Zoom
 Weight 13 kg
trekkingbis e1667301752344 Bike Rental in Puglia

Happy Cycling