Food & Wine Bike tour

Here our active gourmet cycling trips. Each day the bike ride has a special destination that will satisfy your palate: a wine tasting in the cellar, a pecorino or mozzarella cheese and olive oil tasting in a farm! It is a total immersion in Italian food culture

Where to Go

Tuscany destination Number one,
Puglia heel of Italy boot,
Sardinia cyclists paradise Island.
You will come home inspired, not only with new recipes, but also with the enthusiasm to cultivate these lessons into your lifestyle

How much cooking?

After you have worked up an appetite, we will feed you very well! Most days include a hands-on cooking class or a visit to taste local food artisan. Our dining-out experiences range from a simple osteria, to a family trattoria, and an elegant restaurant.


Active Gourmet Tuscany

Cook in Tuscany, after riding & climbing

Active Gourmet Puglia

Explore south Italy Trulli & Lecce

Active Gourmet Sardinia

Discover Sardinia coastal landscape