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What makes

you different

from another

bike tour



We are not focused to look for differences but highlight why we are better than other!

The main thing that we would like  potential clients be aware is that we create our own trips using ingredients (hotels, guides, experiences) that we’ve discovered ourselves.

We aren’t dishing up travel as an impersonal commodity or selling someone else’s trip, we’re carefully crafting unique itineraries based on first-hand experience.
We develop our own relationships, form our own opinions, and work with whom we think does the best jobs

What makes

you experts?


30 years of experience!
We’ve worked in the travel business for a shockingly long time as cyclist travelers, guides, reporters, researchers, planners.
We’ve been to the places we send clients, and we live in out main destination Tuscany we offer.
We think that fun is a serious business.
Your bike guides are able to assemble bikes, that means they are able to solve quick mechanic problems that may occur!
You are always in a iron barrel (an Italian way to say: se in una botte di ferro)

Do you run

any scheduled



Yes – our Guided bike tours and Cycling & Cooking have scheduled departures – you can see the general calendar
Any Guided tour can be requested as private departure 

Private bike tour can be customized and you can choose any date for a private departure.
All our Self Guided are private, you decide the departure date.

Are you



Yes. We are Italian licensed tour operator /travel agent and we are fully insured.
We strongly recommend to ask the license and do not trust in simple sport or cultural association.

We have a sustainability certification and fight against illegal provider is part of our duty of social engagement.

How long

does it take

to plan a trip?

It depends on a variety of factors.
We’ve planned trips in as little as a week, while others have taken more to finalize. One thing you can be sure of is that we share your enthusiasm for finalizing the details as quickly as possible.
The more advance notice we have, the faster and easier it is to confirm a trip and the more likely it is that you’ll get exactly the trip you want.
If you wait until the last minute, it’s invariably more difficult to secure hotel availability.
Last-minute requests require an extra degree of flexibility and the planning process gets compressed but we try to do our best.
If you are a group of people asking private guided tour, please give us plenty of notice.

Are the tours

in web site

the only

places you arrange

bike trips?


No, we’ve got some other destinations, not many.

Anyway for some destination we do not cover we can suggest reliable companies.

We are part of many association and business network in active tourism in Italy  ActiveItaly 

and worldwide ATTA

What are

your payment


We require a not-refundable deposit of € 300 once hotels are booked for self guided tours and € 500 for Guided tours

Full payment is required 60/45/30 days prior to travel, depending on type of trip.
In private group trip our deposit could be more due to hotels requiring not-refundable deposit.
Our Terms & Conditions outline the pricing and payment details.

How do

I pay for

my trip?

Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card (Visa, MasterCard )

Credit card is actually the most used.

As we are licenced a tour operator, we can charge in remote way.

Can I plan

the trip


We’ve always said that in theory anyone can plan any trip, just as anyone can build their own house or fix their own car.

The more relevant question is whether or not it makes sense to do so. It’s not neuroscience, but planning a brilliant bike trips take know-how, experience, contacts, and a lot of time. Fitting the right pieces together in the right way is more challenging than it may seem. If you have the patience and gumption to tackle your own trip planning, by all means do, it can be very rewarding.
But if you’re tight on time, short on expertise, or simply “don’t want to risk blowing a day” then it makes a lot of sense to hire the right people for the job

Can I book

my own


In order for us to plan comprehensive, seamless trips we’ve learned that we need to be in control of all the key ingredients including hotels. 
It is also very important in bike tour stay in a cyclist friendly accommodation,  hotel that we trust and will offer safe spot for bikes.
Anyway feel free to ask if you desire to overnight in a special hotel you heard about, we will check is possible.

Do you arrange 

transfers and

that sort of thing?


We can arrange all transfers from the moment you start  your bike trip.
Additionally, we coordinate local guides, activities, excursions, special events, restaurant reservations, and anything else you’d like our help with.
Some trips, the guided tours,  are planned to the minute and involve a vast number of arrangements.
Other trips, self guided,  are more flexible and free-flowing, with a moderate degree of support. It’s up to you

Some travellers don’t enjoy doing these things for themselves, but others find them the best part of an adventure.


Do you book



We  do not book or issue flights to/from your destination.
It’s simply not our area of deep expertise.
However, we can usually advise you on the best way to get to the region and how to get to start point.


How much

should I

budget for

my trip?

We are specific about our price & inclusion for each tour. 
So y
ou can budget your potential extra fee.

We’ve learned that the silliest question we can ask you when you contact us is: “How much do you want to spend?”
We recognize that it’s very hard to know as there are many factors involved.
However,  consider overall price from the outset. Think about flight costs. Think about what elements of the trip are most important to you (length of trip? hotels?). And think about those little costs like shopping, meals and tips.

We encourage extending trips before or after the bike experience. Lengthening trips and traveling in fewer places is a great way to have a deeper and more immersive experience and at the same time reduce the carbon emissions of travel and amortize the cost of airfare


What is your



Please read our  cancellation policy for complete details.
Our cancellation fees are not negotiable.

Can I buy

travel insurance

through you?

For residents of the USA and other countries, the options get a little more complicated owing to peculiarities of the insurance business.
in fact is valid only if you purchase in your resident  country.
But the bottom line is that we strongly recommend to purchase it and that you’re covered.

Can I rent

your bike


take a tour?

Yes, we offer the option to rent bikes on weekly basis.
Our bike fleet allow us to rent but not in the high season period: May, June, September and October.
If you want to rent enquire availability.  We will confirm the bike rental & the delivery at your accommodation.  If you are renting a villa and your idea is road cycling check the length of gravel road. Especially in Tuscany many beautiful restored villa are reachable only by dirt road and ride the race bike can be a nightmare!
For this reason we selected some villas

How I know I

can read a map

and join a self

guided bike trip?

In the self guided need to be able to navigate on your own.
But is very easy now:

We have a tour operator account on the App RideWithGPS !

Each client can download the Application for free and once signed up we provide the link to event, so guest have all tracks and once here  can navigate off line with smart phone or watch.

If you have own Garmin you can download tracks also in your device

We include maps & elevation gain on paper on request – even if we are in the digitalization process as part of our sustainability actions

Can I bring

my own pedals

and  saddle?

Yew you can!
We provide high quality saddle, Selle Italia, but we know how comfortable will be to use your own!
Please bring only the saddle, not the seat post because seat post may not be compatible. Saddle are always compatible.

If you want to use your bike shoes you should bring your own pedals. Our bikes come with toe clips (cage) or flat pedals. As there are so many kinds of cleat pedals we can’t provide all types.

You are welcome to bring your helmet but be aware  that at bike fitting we will always bring our  MET helmets.
If the space in your baggage is limited at last minute you can always count on ours


How far in


should I book?

We have no precise terms but much depends on the period in which you want to make your tour.
The best months for a bike tour in Tuscany, Umbria, Sardinia, Puglia, Piedmont are May, June, September and October.
We consider those four months the high season.
Sometimes it is a problem to find rooms in our first choice hotels. That is why it is best to book in advance.

Do you have

a brochure?

We don’t print brochures.
we only have digital brochures
It is part of our sustainability actions,  so we pass our savings & energy directly on to you giving good price considering the high quality of accommodations, bikes and services. We try to update as much as possible the website with every information about company, itineraries, bikes and gear

Why you ask

for height

in the form?

If you require bike we need to reserve the right size bike, height is essential information.
Is very important cycle on comfortable bike, could a road bike but also e-bike. Feel free to write the measure in feet or meters.

Weight is not essential, not necessary you fill this info.

Can I book


No, we do not have an online booking system.
To make a reservation, please choose one of the following options:

  • Send us an email message to contact us: info@cicloposse.com
  • Fill out our Let’s Planning  form or the Check Availability form you find on web site.
  • Contact us via WhatsApp  (+393450371289) to inquire about availability.

The reason is we need to check the availability of hotels and bikes, before send you confirmation.
Especially for Self guided Bike tour

Can kids

join a

bike tour?

We believe that our bike tours may not be suitable for babies and young children. We typically recommend our tours for participants who are 12 or 13 years old and above.
Teenagers accompanied by adults are welcome to join.

The main reason for this recommendation is the challenging nature of the terrain. Our tours often involve steep inclines and descents, and the routes often share secondary roads and gravel paths with cars. These conditions can pose risks and may be more suitable for adult cyclists.

We suggest considering other areas in Italy that are better suited for family bike tours, such as the Dolomite region. There, you can find tours on dedicated cycle paths in the valleys, which provide a safer and easier experience. If the terrain is flat or consists of gentle rolling hills, children can comfortably ride distances of around 40 to 50 kilometers.

We prioritize the safety and enjoyment of all participants, and we believe that considering the physical abilities of children is crucial in ensuring a positive biking experience for everyone involved.