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Cycling Levels & Difficulty

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level Easy

Flat and easy gently rolling hills. No strenuous activity.
You should be in good health and ready for full days of travel and fun outdoors.

Marked Leisure


Gently rolling terrain, hills. Entry-level skills recommend. Prepare for your trip with regular conditioning at least two months before departure.

Marked Leisure/Active


Varied terrain, hills and
climbs. May involve high altitudes
and challenging conditions.
Prepare as you would for a
moderate trip, but intensify your program for specific benefits.

Marked Active/Avid

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How do you roll?

In the booking form you will find this part to be filled: what is your current rider type?

Use the descriptions to determine your current skill level and be aware that our tours are designed as a Vacation, not a race !
Pace at every level is relaxed, is enjoy the scenery, the people, the food.
Nevertheless on tour you will cycle almost every day and pre-trip training is always recommended.


My Lifestyle is:
I ride my bike on a regular basis either for fitness, to commute to work, or just for fun. Active lifestyle with an occasional physical challenge. I want to ride on my vacation, but not every day.

I enjoy
Rolling terrain with some hills that are not challenging. I feel great after reaching the top. I don’t mind hopping in the support van when I’ve ridden enough


My Lifestyle is:
Fitness is central to my life. I ride my bike regularly, on a weekly basis, and am comfortable with rides of 2 hours or more at a relatively
strong pace. I like a physical challenge and to feel my heart rate increase.
I enjoy:
All terrain, with hills and some moderate mountain passes that I can brag about. I like getting some speed on moderate descents as well. I track elevation and feel comfortable climbing.


My Lifestyle is:
I ride my bike an average of 100 miles per week and enjoy a fast pace for an extended period of time. I love train, improve, and maybe even race my friends.

I enjoy
All terrain, with hills and big mountain passes. Steep technical descents are fun.