Solos & Single Trips

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Solo Travellers Are Welcome !

While single travellers can always join our guided and assisted bike holidays, what if you’re considering a self-guided adventure on your own?

If you want to embark on a solo tour, you are more than welcome.

However, organizing a tour for just one person can be expensive and logistically challenging, especially when it comes to luggage transfer.

Affordable Solo Cycling Adventures

Discover budget-friendly solo cycling trips with shared luggage transfer.

To address this, we offer a solution by setting specific dates and itineraries where others are already doing the same tour.

This way, you can share the cost of luggage transfer. Many solo travellers opt for a ‘self-contained’ tour, bringing minimal luggage, especially during the summer when less is needed.
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Shared Tour Dates for Solo Travellers

Join scheduled tour dates to connect with fellow solo travellers and share costs.

Please note that we do not provide suitable bikes or bags.

Speaking from personal experience, it’s a fantastic way to explore.

We not only provide our tours with hotels, luggage transfer, and bikes but also offer an organized vacation experience even if it’s self-guided.

You’ll get Bed, Breakfast & Bike (B&B&B), along with all maps, instructions, suggestions, GPS tracks, and a RideWithGps invitation.

Emergency Assistance for Solo Cyclists

Feel secure with our emergency call number during your solo cycling journey.

Most importantly, in case of any issues, you’ll have access to the emergency call number!

Self-Guided Solo Bike Holidays

Plan your own solo bike adventure with our self-guided holiday options.

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Solo Biking: Pack Light, Ride Right

Tips for a self-contained solo biking experience – pack light and ride smart.

Full Support for Solo Bike Vacations

Enjoy a complete package of Bed, Breakfast & Bike with full support on solo vacations.

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