Marco Tornaghi
Founder & Technical Director
Was a sound technician in Milan in a former life. His FULL passion for cycling led him to the quiet roads and rolling hills of Tuscany where he lives and has been leading bike tours since 1994. Marco knows the region extremely well and loves to share his knowledge of Tuscany’s secret corners and off-the-beaten-path places.
Giuliana Mulas
President & Big Boss
Moved to Tuscany 22 years ago after a “first life” in Milan working in TV industry, in graphic area but with full passion for any sport! So after the first child she was enthusiast to move in the beautiful countryside and take care of cycling tours full time, mostly all the logistic but also bike guide and scouting new tours.
Luigi Gamba
Tour leader
He moved to Tuscany in 2008, worked for many years in interior design industry. He became MTB instructor and road bike guide because of an innate passion for biking. He makes himself available as fully qualified guide for enthusiasts of the bicycle in order to lead them through this famous territory with amazing hills!
Mauro Mulas
Tour leader
Native of Northern Italy and studied the history of cinema and photography in Milan. His enthusiasm for the outdoors includes horseback riding, and he was a riding instructor for many years. Mauro’s passion for cycling has him on a bike year-round, and he looks forward to cycling with you.
Matilde Tornaghi
Social Media & Marketing
She grew up in Val d’Orcia among cyclists, bike rental and tasting food and wine. Now studies Sociology and Political Science in Florence. She takes care of our Social media and blog, as well as bike mechanic. She loves mountain bike and trekking. Planning new trips such trekking in vineyards.
Tommaso Tornaghi
tour leader
Born in Montepulciano in the same year Cicloposse starts: 1994. He studies history in Firenze University and besides playing many sport: swimming, tennis and basketball, he uses a crappy bike to move in town. He has a great passion for cooking and wine world and planning to develop all culinary programs!
Robert Borsos
Tour Leader
Born in Hungary, is a US citizen, he made a career in the U.S. Navy where his passion for cycling grew across continents and the seas. Upon retirement from the Navy, he moved to Sardinia to pursue his outdoor passions both on and off road, in the saddle and on foot.