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Every itinerary is experienced from us and we know all characteristics, difficulties, interesting places and refresh point.
We look for secondary quiet asphalt roads, sightseeing and no traffic paths.
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We live here, we love biking and we know deeply the area! For that reason we provide an excellent personalized service.
After more than 25 years we still have great time arranging bike tours and let people enjoy by bike our beautiful country
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We emphasize enjoying the fruits of Italian style life.
That means focusing on every meal being surprisingly delicious, and also seeing & explaining to you where and how the food is prepared

We are a bike tour operator – we organize cycling tours & vacation.

Headquarter is in Pienza a lovely, famous, hill town in Tuscany. 

We offer biking holidays: from Guided fully escorted tour  to Self guided to just few days bicycling experience to even the simple bike rental service.

In addition, we developed the ultimate  cycling & cooking adventure, an active culinary tour. We help to create great  memories and lifetime journeys on saddle.

Therefore we own the bikes,  in this way we control the quality and we’re fully responsible for your great experience

Personally we selected the best region and areas to discover by bike under many point of view – scenic & quiet road, history and art, food & wine; nice lodging.

First of all Tuscany – then our top  list is Sardinia, Puglia, Umbria, Piedmont, Mallorca anf for 2020 Sicily.

When we started we have been pioneers offering so well organized self guided itineraries. Now we are expert, we lived the evolution in technology and popularity, we consider ourselves part of Italian Excellence that makes the world dream.

Gravel biking is the new project, we love it  and the challenge future.

New for 2020 si the self guided or guided tour on strade bianche in Tuscany to enjoy the breathtaking landscape on real quiet roads.


Using our unlimited passion for cycling and travelling to promote the use of bike, not only for travel: biking as sport, biking to move from one place to another,  discover deeply the world around.

cicloposse logos The Company Company Logo & Name
Maybe you are wondering what means Cicloposse, is Italian or English? Simple Ciclo is Italian words for cycle and Posse is English word for group.
The original logo was designed by Daniel Zezelj, a cartoonist.
After 20 years we needed a restyling and here we are! Andrea Pisano design the new logo and all the new look of web site