Every itinerary is experienced from us and we know all characteristics, difficulty, interesting places and refresh point.
We look for secondary quiet asphalt roads, sightseeing and no traffic paths.
We live here, we love biking and we know deeply the area! For that reason we provide an excellent personalized service.
After more than 22 years we still have great time arranging bike tours and let people enjoy by bike our beautiful country
We emphasize enjoying the fruits of Italian style life and that means not only focusing on every meal being surprisingly delicious, but also seeing & explaining to you where and how the food is prepared.

Company name and logo
Maybe you are wondering what means Cicloposse, is Italian or English? Simple Ciclo is Italian words for cycle and Posse is English word for group.
The original logo was designed by Daniel Zezelj, a cartoonist.
After 20 years we needed a restyling and here we are!
Andrea Pisano design the new logo and all the new look of web site