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We are a Bike Tour Operator  based in Tuscany, dedicated to delivering unforgettable cycling experiences and active vacations throughout Italy.
With our passion for biking and love for travel, we are committed to providing excellent services while being socially responsible and  creating low-impact trips that respect the environment.
We support partners and spread awareness among our guests.

Our Vision

Using our unlimited passion for cycling and travelling to promote the use of bike: biking as sport, biking to move from one place to another,  discover deeply the world around.

our add values

From the authentic insights shared by our guests in their reviews in 2023, three key aspects resonate profoundly in our approach to creating remarkable experiences.

At Cicloposse, our commitment to seamless organization, meticulous attention to detail, and fostering genuine connections with our guests is deeply reflected in the heartfelt words of those we’ve had the pleasure to serve.
Moreover, we take pride in being a local enterprise deeply rooted in these regions. Our guests benefit from a richer, more immersive experience as we intimately know the terrain, ensuring an unparalleled connection with the landscape and culture. Beyond that, by choosing Cicloposse, our guests actively contribute to responsible tourism. We support small, local establishments—quaint hotels, family-owned restaurants, and engage LOCAL guides—enabling our guests not only to experience the authentic essence of Italy but also to positively impact the communities they visit.
Every CENT spent stays within the community, supporting the livelihoods of locals who call these places home.

Our Sustainability policy

In December 2021 we achieved the sustainability travel life partner certification 
Here you can read deeply what this means for us Read more

In January 2024 we joined  FIRST MILE PROJECT. 
We have been selected, together with  80 small company in Europe, in this programme of making tourism more sustainable.
The aim is to improve tourism small companies sustainability by reducing their carbon footprint & environmental impact. Read about our strategy

Headquarter Pienza

We offer biking holidays: from Guided fully escorted tour  to Self guided to just few days bicycling experience to even the simple bike rental service.

In addition, we developed the ultimate  cycling & cooking adventure, an active culinary tour. We help to create great  memories and lifetime journeys on the saddle.

Therefore we own the bikes,  in this way we control the quality and fully responsible for your great experience


Personal touch

Personally, we selected the best regions and areas to discover by bike, considering scenic & quiet roads, history and art, food & wine, and nice lodging.

First of all Tuscany – then our top  list is Sardinia, Puglia, Umbria, Piedmont, Mallorca, Sicily.

When we started we have been pioneers offering so well organized self guided itineraries. Now we are expert, we lived the evolution in technology and popularity, we consider ourselves part of Italian Excellence that makes the world dream.

Gravel biking is the new project, we love it and we think is the best way to skip traffic and enjoy scenery.

Guided tour on strade bianche in Tuscany to enjoy the breath taking landscape on real quiet roads, besides the self guided that has been the best seller after pandemic

What’s next?

Cycling and cooking guided tour in Tuscany was elected our signature trip for 2023 You can see for our review everyone got crazy
Seems it will be the best seller also for 2024
new for 2024
off the beaten path Basilicata wine tour
gravel Sardinia 
spa & wine in Tuscany  & Umbria

We do believe this is the direction of our transformative vacation

company name

Maybe you are wondering what means Cicloposse, is Italian or English?
Ciclo is Italian words for cycle and Posse is English word for group.

So the name ‘Cicloposse’ is a fusion of ‘Ciclo’—Italian for bicycle—and ‘Posse,’ evoking the spirit of a united group.

Discover the deeper meaning behind our name, a blend of passion for cycling and a commitment to community, as we invite you to join our cycling adventures across Italy.

  •   Cicloposse /ˈsiːkləˌpɒsɪ/ (noun)

Specialist bike tour operator founded in 1994 in Tuscany.

Derived from Ciclo and Posse.

  •   Ciclo /ˈsiːkləʊ/ (noun)

Bicycle (especially in compounds like cyclocross, cycling tourism, cycle mountaineering).

Origin: From (bi)cicl(etta), on the model of the English word “cycle” (19th century), which is from the Greek word “kýklos” meaning ‘circle’.

  •   Posse /ˈpɒsi/ (noun)

A music group characterized by social and political themes and inspired by American rap.

Origin: From medieval Latin “posse comitatus” meaning ‘committee of power’, a group of men that the sheriff of a county could summon to ensure order.

our logo

The FIRST logo, designed by Daniel Zezelj, a renowned comic writer, captured the essence of our vision when it was crafted back in 1994. Here, we proudly display the original artwork, signed by the artist himself, which was promptly embraced by our founder.

original logo The Company


After two decades of proudly displaying this emblem, in 2014, we recognized the need for a refresh.
Enter Andrea Pisano, a digital artist whose talent breathed new life into our visual identity.
Tasked with incorporating ‘bike tours’ into our logo to reflect our core mission, Andrea presented us with several compelling options.
Ultimately, we were drawn to the simplicity and elegance of the blue design, which has since become synonymous with our brand

logo cicloposse blu 1 The Company

In 2023, as part of our ongoing commitment to evolution, we embarked on a comprehensive graphic revamp of our website.
Spearheaded by the talented visual artist Elisa Cherubini, this initiative saw the introduction of harmonious design elements, including various icons and graphical motifs.
Notably, a standalone graphic derived from our logo takes the form of a welcoming smile, symbolizing the joy of exploration and discovery that defines our tours. Additionally, we introduced a vibrant orange hue, injecting a dynamic energy into our visual identity