Our active Gourmet Bike tours 

 fully supported

Yes! Guided formula: Tour leader /bike guide cycle  with you plus the van support all ride long.
Your guides also take care to bring you at wine and food destinations

Active gourmet

Designed to immerse you deeply in authentic flavours and culture, our Cycling and Cooking Bike  tours merge elements of cycling adventure tours, culinary tours, and food experience excursions.


The result is an active, immersive, and delicious new way to make a genuine connection with dream locales in Italy best regions

food and culture

In Italy a genuine meal can tell the story of our culture.


cooking lesson


An active exploration on the bike creates an intimate connection to a new corner of the world.
you will explore culinary traditions through hands-on cooking, demonstrations and classes and also local beverage culture with tasting at wineries.

Food producer

Go deeper than a tasting menu itinerary as you meet food producers to learn the “how” and “why” as much as “what” of iconic dishes.




A variety of bike rides get you deep into some of the world’s most iconic landscapes, while a sampling of food and drink experiences keep your mouth watering as you dig into the cultural cornerstones of how and what local people eat.


Transformational Travel is intentionally traveling to stretch, learn, and grow into new ways of being and engaging with the world.

Seriously we believe that change happens from the inside out, and our focus is delivering a fun cycling vacation yet promoting personal reflection, understanding, learning about different lifestyle.
If not Trasformative at least you will have a new point of view!

cycling & 


can be Private 

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion with your extended family, rewarding colleagues for a job well done, or simply wanting to share the bike trip of a lifetime with some of your closest friends a  private trip is the ultimate way to enjoy effortless travel.
Write us to make one food&wine tour your own Private Trip.



We don’t print brochures  as part of our sustainability actions.
So we pass our savings & energy directly on to you giving good price considering the high quality of accommodations, bikes and services. We try to update as much as possible the website with every information about company, itineraries, bikes and gear
Please feel free to ask any additional details or any doubt regarding this subject.

Last but

not least

Our mission is biking for the best travel experience, and this wouldn’t be possible without top-of-the-line equipment.
Is a bike tour and ride a nice bike is part of the adventure!
The downside is … when you get home you want to buy a new bike


On request we can provide references from our customers
We are happy to send you references of formers guests in your area who would love to discuss their Cicloposse experience
Each year over 30% of our guests are repeat and 70% select us from word of mouth.   It is an honour to be selected as the bike tour of choice by seasoned and experienced travelers.




Be aware

the tour you take by bike

have a lower impact

than a vacation BY CAR OR  BY BOAT