Cycling & Cooking in Sardinia

Cycling & Cooking in Sardinia

Cycling & Cooking in Sardinia

Sardinia - Guided tour

Food + Wine Bike Tour Sardinia

Well landed to the bike tour that brings together the passion for cycling and that for the culinary arts. Taste the best flavors of the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, from the choice of the products to the tasting, through the preparation.

Biking & Cooking Trip Wow Moments

  • Return from your trip with actual know-how to create n Italian dinner back home—it’s the ultimate keepsake!
  • Pedal rolling hills past Canonau vineyards & wine tasting Vernaccia 
  • Cycle the best coastal road of Mediterrean

First of all, you will taste the refined Sardinian olive oil and we won’t miss the wine and cheese tasting, you will cook dishes from the renowned classic Sardinian cooking, such as malloreddus, culurgiones and fregola, you will prepare dishes of fresh fish and meat with a delicate and admirable flavor.
Further, as for cycling, you will ride in fantastic sceneries, such as the Montiferru or the plain of Arborea, you will visit the Punic-Roman ruins of THARROS and the archaeological site of Barumini, where there is the Nuragic town SU NURAXI.
Carbon frame race bike, hybrid & high-end E-bike ALL YOU NEED IS TO CHOOSE

How much cooking will we do?

After you have worked up an appetite, we will feed you very well! Most days include a hands-on cooking class or a visit to taste local food artisan. Our dining-out experiences range from a simple osteria, to a family trattoria, and an elegant restaurant.
In conclusion you will come home inspired, not only with new recipes, but also with the enthusiasm to cultivate these lessons into your lifestyle.

2024 departures

September 15th to 20th   CONFIRMED
October 13th to 19th   CONFIRMED


2025 departures   

May 11 – 17
May 18 -24  SOLD OUT
June 1st – 7
June 29 – July 5
September 14 – 20
September 28 – October  4
October 12 – 18


Welcome to Alghero

Arrival in Alghero Airport and transfer to Hotel Villa Mosca.

Bike Fitting: and Bike Test in the afternoon in accordance with time after bike fitting.

The Sardinian town of Alghero is a lively and pretty city and a flourishing tourist attraction not only for the summer masses and elite tourism, but also for a new cosmopolitanism. It is because it has been dominated by the Catalans, and just here, some people even speak the Catalan language.  The Mura Catalane (Catalan walls) still surround the old town center on the seaward side.  The wall has many towers, shops and businesses which make it pleasant for you to walk along and have a drink at sunset!

First cooking class at Agriturismo Agave for a typical slow food, Alghero style dish, followed by dinner!


Capo Caccia & Vermentino wine area

Loop bike ride from Alghero to Capo Caccia.

Starting in Alghero, you’ll traverse through enchanting landscapes featuring the evergreen Mediterranean maquis. This lush and fragrant vegetation is adorned with aromatic herbs, vibrant wildflowers, and hardy juniper trees. The aroma of rosemary, thyme, and myrtle fills the air, creating a sensory feast for nature enthusiasts.

The path to Capo Caccia offers a dramatic shift in scenery. As you approach this rugged headland, the Mediterranean scrub takes center stage. This unique ecosystem thrives on the coastal cliffs, boasting resilient evergreen shrubs like mastic, lentisk, and rockroses. The sea breeze carries a distinct salty tang, while the stunning views and the rich, diverse flora captivate your senses.

For dinner is a special gourmet meal, tasting local Catalan cuisine within the old city walls of Alghero

Distance: 54 km / 33 mi Flat and Rolling hills.


Bosa & Tresnuraghes: Medieval Hilltown

Bike ride from Alghero to Tresnuraghes via Bosa.

Embark on today’s cycling adventure along the stunning Sardinian coastline towards Bosa. The route reveals the coastal scrub, a mesmerizing tapestry of evergreen shrubs including mastic, lentisk, and rockroses. The salty breeze mingles with the scent of vibrant flora, creating a sensory symphony. Rugged cliffs stand tall against the azure sea, painting a dramatic backdrop to your journey. Arriving in Bosa, you’ll be welcomed by a picturesque riverside town adorned with swaying palm trees, fragrant citrus groves, and bursts of color from bougainvillea and oleander. This charming oasis is a stark contrast to the coastal landscapes you’ve traversed, offering a serene ambiance. Bosa is famed for its vivid facades, each telling a unique story, and the grandeur of Malaspina Castle, a historic treasure trove waiting for your exploration.

Conclude your bike ride at Hotel Villa Asfodeli in Tresnuraghes, nestled amidst the rolling hills of the Sardinian countryside. Here, the landscape transforms into a tranquil panorama of cork oaks, ancient olive groves, and lush vineyards, embracing you in its bucolic charm.

Prepare yourself for the second culinary adventure of the day with your cooking class at Villa Asfodeli, where you’ll dive into the art of Sardinian cuisine. Get ready to create delectable dishes infused with local flavors, ensuring a delightful and memorable experience.  Dinner at hotel restaurant

Distance:  45 up to 58 km / 28 up to 36 mi, rolling hills to hilly


Oristano & Sinis Peninsula

Bike ride from Tresnuraghes to Oristano via Riola Sardo and Tharros

Begin your cycling expedition in Tresnuraghes, a charming village nestled amidst the rolling hills of Sardinia’s western coast. Pedal through this serene countryside, where lush vineyards, fragrant citrus groves, and majestic cork oak forests paint the landscape. The air is perfumed with the scent of wildflowers, creating a sensory delight.

Continuing towards Cuglieri, be prepared for awe-inspiring panoramic vistas of the coastline and the medieval allure of the town. S’Archittu, a coastal gem, welcomes you with its natural arch sculpted by the sea.

Your day ride unfolds in the tranquil village of Riola Sardo, surrounded by serene farmlands here we will dtake part at the olive oil tasting.  Step back in time at Tharros, an ancient Phoenician and Roman archaeological site, where well-preserved ruins grace the landscape, inviting exploration. The adventure culminates in Oristano, with a captivating historic center. Dinner at Gourmet pizzeria “Civico 35”

Distance: 62 up to 82 km / 41 up to 62 mi. downhill and flat.


Gergei & Is Barrocus Lake.

Bike ride from Oristano to Gergei via Villaurbana, Nuragus.

Leaving Oristano behind, your bike ride leads you to Villaurbana, a tranquil village surrounded by rolling hills and lush farmlands. The scent of Mediterranean herbs and the sight of olive groves and vineyards add to the enchantment of the landscape. Cycling onwards, you’ll reach Genoni, a charming town nestled in the hills of central Sardinia. Genoni is known for its traditional architecture, where stone houses and narrow alleyways invite exploration. It’s a perfect place to experience the island’s rural heritage. Nuragus, with its picturesque vineyards and agricultural scenery, provides a unique backdrop for your journey. You’ll have the opportunity to sample some of Sardinia’s finest wines and immerse yourself in local traditions. Picnic Lunch As you continue toward Lago Is Barrocus, you’ll encounter the tranquility of this beautiful lake surrounded by nature. The area is a bird-watcher’s paradise and offers a serene escape into the heart of the island. Finally, your ride concludes at Is Perdas Agriturismo in Gergei, where you’ll experience true Sardinian hospitality. The agriturismo is nestled amid the rolling landscapes, offering relaxation, traditional cuisine, and a glimpse into the island’s rural way of life.  Dinner at hotel restaurant

Distance: 60 up to 93 km / 37 up to 58 mi on rolling hills and hilly.


Barumini, “Su Nuraxi” Unesco World Heritage Site

Loop bike ride via Barumini.

As you pedal away, you’ll be surrounded by Sardinia’s picturesque countryside. The route to Barumini leads through rolling hills and fertile landscapes, providing a serene and tranquil atmosphere. In Barumini, a true highlight awaits you: a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Nuraghe Su Nuraxi. This ancient stone fortress is a testament to Sardinia’s rich history, dating back over three thousand years. Explore the intricately constructed nuraghe, meander through the village, and step back in time to the island’s prehistoric past.
Continuing your journey, you’ll pass through Tuili, a charming village that offers glimpses of traditional Sardinian life. The tranquil pace and friendly locals create a welcoming atmosphere. Siddi, Gonnostramatza, and Baressa will greet you with their unique character and landscapes. Here, you’ll pedal through pristine olive groves, vineyards, and cork oak forests, with a chance to savor local flavors along the way. This bike ride is a perfect blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, offering a deep dive into Sardinia’s timeless heritage and the diverse landscapes of its heartland. Farewell dinner at Olianas Winery

Distance:  63,8 km / 39,6 mi rolling hills.



After a farewell breakfast all together.
Private transfer to Cagliari airport or in town.

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Tour start in Alghero
Tour end in Gergei

bike and cook sardinia map



best period Spring & Fall

DIFFICULTY easy to medium

TOTAL DISTANCE 285 km | 178 miles in 5 stages



Tour Reviews

10 February 2024

Hello, Giuliana!

As always we had a wonderful time in spite of contracting bronchitis. The trip was pretty much perfect. Firstly, Roberto was the perfect leader for this year’s trip. He is extremely knowledgeable about Sardegna and he is very calm. Interestingly he grew up very close to us in the chicago area. Nicola also took very good care of us. We also very much enjoyed meeting your brother. You are quite the entrepreneurs.

The lodgings were really interesting and lovely. Lots of new experiences. And the food was excellent. We all agree that our evening with Bastianina was the best. Very inspiring and beautiful food. It was an experience.

We did miss the previous years’ schedule where we rode two hours, stopped for cappuccino and pastries (and bathroom), but Sardegna is not really set up for that. Many strangely empty towns. Nicola did well for us with snacks, water and picnic lunches.

We enjoy cycling with you all very much and we’d happily join you again; maybe in France next time?

We’d be happy to do interview questions for you! Send them along!

Best wishes,

26 October 2016

Dear Giuliana I wanted to drop a letter to say what a wonderful trip you have put together for us! We are having a good time. The roads are amazing! Especially the ride from Alghero to Bosa yesterday. Flowers, sea and sky. Perfect:). The places you chose for us to stay are excellent. We are telling many friends to come to Italy and contact you. Again, thank you! Sincerely

26 October 2016

Hello Guiliana! We had the best time and think of you often. I am sure the info you sent is fine. I have been traveling since I left you.. When I settle back home I will send you a photo or two that I think you might like. Again we really enjoyed the trip and meeting you and Marco was an added pleasure. Please stay in touch. Ciao!

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Price & Inclusions


Cost: € 3200  per person in double occupancy
Single room supplement € 690


Six nights in luxury hotel
Six dinners & three lunches
Two cooking classes
One wine tasting
One olive oil tasting
All maps, trip notes and detailed route directions
All Shuttles and technical assistance
Van support
Experienced English speaking guides
Cicloposse water bottle
Transfer on day one from station
Transfer to the airport on day seven
Sales taxes

Not included

Airfare to Italy, 3 lunches, beverages, gratuities, travel insurance, laundry expenses and items of a personal nature

Bike Rental for entire tour
Hybrid bike   euro 170;  Road bike € 220;   Gravel & E-Bike   € 260

Our daily itinerary of cycling is designed to be a vacation, not a race! Our pace is relaxed in order to enjoy the scenery: you can find gently rolling terrain as well as some hills. We will cover an average of 20 to 25 miles a day. Advanced cyclists who want to do more are accommodated, backup transportation and support is always available.

2024 departures

September 15th to 20th   CONFIRMED
October 13th to 19th  CONFIRMED

2025 departures

May 18 -24
June 1st – 7
June 29 – July 5
September 14 – 20
September 28 – October  4
October 12 – 18

Villa Mosca – Alghero

Villa Mosca is a prestigious Art Nouveau residence. Located on the Lungomare Dante, right on the beachfront, surrounded by lush grounds and overlooking the sea, a short distance from the centre of this celebrated city which, displays a strong Catalan influence.

Villa Asfodeli – Tres Nuraghes

Villa Liberty is the heart of the hotel. A synthesis of ancient architectural techniques and forms a fine restoration, which saved floors, windows and stucco originating. Remains intact the atmosphere of this place, now with the most modern comforts for an unforgettable stay

Regina d’Arborea – Oristano

Located in a nineteenth-century building on the west coast of Sardinia, Hotel Regina D’Arborea, 4 stars hotel, is located in the historic center of Oristano, frescos and iternal decoration from 1880. Air-condition and breakfast with local and organic products.

Is Perdas – Gergei

Located in the Sarcidano, a gate that joins the Campidano to the Barbagia Is Perdas resort is a special and authentic accommodation. A territory that for many is still unknown and mysterious, rich in history and traditions to discover.  unique experience, unforgettable sensations of relaxation and well-being.

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