Lanzarote bike tour

A Cycling Adventure Through Canaries islands

When we can finally travel again this bike tour will be in  our must-to-do list.

We did the fantastic scouting bike trip at Canaries Island first week of February – we are AMAZED,  as we discovered the chic eco-sustainable cyclist’s friendly Island of Lanzarote

Canaries is a trendy destination for European cycling world.

First of all the  climate – the eternal spring, people can go and enjoy warm weather while in Europe it is cold!

Besides, the  connection: only 3 to 4 hours direct flight from main European capitals, plus many daily connections with Barcelona and Madrid daily.

Actually Canaries is Spain – European Union.

Last but not least, prices are reasonable.

Our tour has gone through 3 islands. We started from the little island of la Graciosa, which has recently declared the 8th island of the Archipelago. – there is only a little port  here, called Caleta de Sebo. We explored the whole island in  our first loop!

la graciosa bike tour
La Graciosa – north beach

Paths   & sand – sometimes white, sometimes black – it has been a great experience the best way to start the bike adventure.

We reached Lanzarote with the little ferry to Orzola – our first stage by bike was to St Bartolome passing by Haria, which was  the old inland capital, when pirates haunted the ocean.

bike tour lanzarote
cycling form Orzola to Haria

Just after Haria you can find his Mirador, a high point from where you see both east and west coast.

cyclign at lanzarote wine tour
vineyards in Florida

Next we arrived at Florida, our destination, which is the beginning  of wine area.  So surprising  and unique landscape. Each plant is protected by a small wall from the north wind: here earth is black s it is made of ex-lava, the vine is called malvasia vulcanica – love this name.

road cycling in lanzarote
on the road to Playa Blanca

The day after we reached Play Blanca,the southernmost coast- crossing all the wine  countryside.

As the name suggests, it has white beaches plus nightlife!

The day after, from playa blanca  we took the ferry to Fuerteventura.

wine and food bike tour canaries
great restaurant at La oliva Fuerteventura – sea food

We got to Corralejo port and soon we rode all the north coast till the fisherman village Mayanicho.  At this point we turned inland and rode to La Oliva.

Back to Lanzarote a bit of culture : in our last day off our bikes, we visited the César Manrique Foundation. 

lanzarote bicyclign vacation
César Manrique Foundation – the pool
lanzarote by bike
César Manrique Foundation- entrance

The bike tour itinerary is still ‘work in progress’, the hotels we stayed in were very nice – you’ll find the whole itinerary on line very soon in our web site.
Despite the Pandemic Covid-19 we keep going and let you dream about  Active travelling.

Best period to visit Canaries by bike is from November to April.

As soon as we can travel safe and confident, you should consider destination Canaries on 2 wheels!

Giuliana &  Matilde

April 2nd 2020

lanzarote cycling tour
LANZALOE: aloe are everywhere!

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