When scouting for our immersive bike tours in Puglia, especially those  focused on food and wine, we stumbled upon an incredible gem in the town of Lecce. Thanks to a local colleague’s recommendation, we were introduced to “Tre Rane Ristoro,” a culinary haven that captures the essence of Puglia’s popular cuisine blended with the sophistication

Unveiling Autumn’s Gravel Cycling Events in the Splendid Landscapes in Tuscany: Terre di Siena As the seasons shift, Tuscany’s enchanting landscapes continue to beckon cyclists from around the world to embark on thrilling adventures. This fall, the region becomes the stage for three remarkable gravel cycling events that promise to take participants on unforgettable journeys

What are E-Bikes? E-bikes, short for electric bikes, are a wonderful innovation that combines the joy of cycling with a little boost of power. These two-wheeled wonders feature a pedal-assist system, meaning they provide assistance while you pedal. Don’t be fooled, though: e-bikes are genuine bicycles and require active participation from the rider.   The

Popularity of Gravel Biking: Exploring the Success Behind the Trend Gravel biking has become a resounding sensation in recent years, captivating cycling enthusiasts and garnering widespread attention. Its rise to prominence can be attributed to a combination of factors that have made it a formidable trend in the cycling world. In this article, we will

Cicloposse achieves Travelife sustainability certification We’re excited to announce that Cicloposse tour operator, has achieved Travelife partner certification for sustainability in December 2022. This is an important milestone for us, as it shows our commitment to environmental and social responsibility, and to providing our customers with high-quality, low-impact travel experiences. The certification process involved measuring

First of all what exactly means  this word? We take the etymology  agritourism – What is an agriturismo? The word agriturismo is a combination of the Italian words agricoltura (agriculture) and turismo (tourism). An agriturismo is effectively a farm designed to also receive guests, whether for food (lunch and dinner), holiday accommodation, or a combination of the two. The term refers

The 2022 season has been terrific, we feel so grateful we are back to have guests on our bike trips after pandemic Our last guided tour, the active gourmet Tuscany,  was the best way  to close the year. The people, the weather, the atmosphere all perfectly framed One of the clients told us he joined

Yoga is a beautiful activity, that has been growing for decades all over the world and that has recently helped a lot of people to get through the difficult times we’ve been living because of the pandemic. It helps our body in many ways, adding flexibility and strength, while calming our mind and helping to

We are excited to announce that we signed up with Ride with GPS tour operator Account Cicloposse That means, our guest will have access to premium navigation features on the route we will share with them Voice Navigation in mobile app – is enough to download for free Offline Maps in our mobile app PDF

Visitors to Italy ordering  their first real cappuccino and caffè espresso should remember that they’re in sacred territory. It is sure we invented the way the rest of the world prepares, serves and drinks coffee! Using our words: cappuccino, latte macchiato, Venti, Grande Using espresso machine steam driven – first pioneered by Angelo Moriondo in Turin in 1884. Fashion

We are at the end of this odd year, which has been painful and overwhelming all over the world, so we want to send you our greetings, our love. In these dark days the mass vaccination campaigns have started and give hopes. WHAT WE DID: we are so proud to be part and founder of

On our last Culinary tour in half October a film maker followed for one full day: the morning bike ride from orcia Valley to Bagno Vignoni and Sant’Antimo- destination Montalcino. Brunello wine tour at Corte Pavone with lunch at cellar. Back to country house and cooking Lesson with Paolo – Gusto Evoluto- WATCH IT!

2018 has been  the year of food&wine bike tour  at Cicloposse. Our Active gourmet bike tours feature:  hands on cooking lessons, tuscany hills cycling and outstanding food. Last but not least: a lot of FUN. In 2018 we had 5  departures and  feedback is super positive. We do not claim we change your life… but

Every year in February the Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino organizes an event called “BENVENUTO BRUNELLO”. On this occasion the new wines on the market since the beginning or the new year are presented to the press and the stars  assigned to the new vintage are announced.  The event lasts four days in which the new wines can

Italy is top in the list for beautiful and interesting destinations, rich with history and boasting a proud heritage dedicated to art, culture and romance, it’s easy to become swept up in the magical atmosphere of this incredible country. It also happens to be a haven for foodies, serving up delectable traditional Italian fare that

Each first Sunday of the month in Pienza the local farmers sell the organic products, mostly pecorino sheep milk cheese and olive oil. The open market is in Piazza Galetti all day long is the best way to purchase directly from producers and know about the organic system in the area.You can taste the  cheese: