Diversity Wine & Food in Italy

Italy consists in 20 regions … it can be said that every region has its own taste and culture of creating food experiences that last! Each region have hundreds of pasta recipes, different cheese, wine grapes.

The culinary tradition of Italy is diverse and wide, is not possible sat which are the best wine and food! Just coem and enjoy locally… that is what italians do.
There are some recepe that becone national, cooked in almost italy, example the Tiramisu dessert or the past with Pesto, but all have a origin in one regon.

Here I just mention some regions where we propose bike tours:

Tuscany, a region with the most ideal climate, making it the home of Gelato, florentine  steak chianina beef and the best homemade wine in the world Brunello, Chianti Classcio, Vino Nobile and the most pregiate Supertuscany wine – first in the world again for 2019 declared from Wine spectator Sassicaia from Bolgheri.

Another spearhead  is the high quality olive oil, and the black pig Cinta Senese, the black carbage king for ribollita soup! The pleasures of meat and soups, a winning model
our best seller cycling and cooking in Tuscany staying in a contryhouse agriturismo – hands-on cooking lessons.

Puglia Food and Wine Tours: a chance to see Apulia shining in its carnival season. We propose our Active gourmet Puglia  bike tour Masseria Leonardo Trulli  – for 2020 we have set date

Food tours in Emilia-Romagna, a region considered as the Gastronomic Home of Italy, and a home of the Parmigiano cheese, the Balsamic vinegar, prosciutto e culatello, the Pasta Bolognese and many other recipes- our tour starting in Parma ending in Ravenna include amazing gastronomic experience.

Food and Wine Tours in Monferrato and Langhe, Piedmont region where they redefined the use of rice and created the famous Risotto, accompanied with truffles and Barolo. And for foodie chococlate and hazelnut. And wine… not only Barolo: nebbiolo and dolcetto. All in our Piedmont bike tour.. soon a new itienray from Le Langhe to Liguria- seaside.

Last but not least – emergent in food & wine quality – is Sardinia Few specialties but unique like culargiones- ravioli with saffron and su pistoccu crispy bread. join our tours in Sardinia – as we have an office  on the island we offer self guided, guided and culinary tours.

Our Italy food a& wine bike tours experience is a way to get to know the real taste of Italy, besides famous art and architecture, by bike ad by sense of taste

An active food & wine Tour in Italy is considered great if it is accompanied with the utmost luxury and comfort and we know how to do that!

Giuliana Mulas
November 2019