Tuscany on 2 wheels

With e-bikes, Italy’s most cycling-friendly region is becoming more accessible.

Mark Sissons, a Travel writer & photographer,  joined our cycling pretrip in October 2018

Read about his experience –  article from Ensemble vacation magazine

“If there is one European Active holiday destination tailor –made for exploring on two wheels, its Tuscany. Undulating landscapes dotted with golden wheat  fields and ripe vineyards, winding climbs toward medieval hilltop villages, and superb wine and cuisine combine to make the Tuscan countryside bucket-list worthy.

And now, thanks to the growing popularity of electric bikes, Tuscany on 2 wheels is a far more accessible proposition. E-bikes still require pedalling but come equipped with small electric motors that allow riders of different abilities to keep  up. They provide powers on demand, responding to an complementing your efforts. If you pedal hard, little battery power will be used. As you slow your pace, the electrical assistance kicks in and provides a welcome boost.

According to the Italian cycling industry association, ANCMA, nearly 150,000 e-bike were sold in Italy in 2017

A 19% increase in sales over the previous  year. And with an estimated 35 million e-bikes purchased worldwide in 2016, the e-biking trend  looks like it is here to stay.”
rent e-bike and enjoy Tuscan hills