What should I pack for a bike tour?



& gear list



A bike trip packing list for your next vacation.

Are you ready for your trip?
We can’t wait for you to join us. We want you to be prepared and as comfortable as possible throughout each day of your vacation. To help, we have put together a bike trip packing list with all the essentials for your trip, from what to wear on the bike to what to bring to explore your destination by foot.
Let the journey begin, and let us know how else we can help.



We recommend being prepared for all weather conditions to stay warm and keep cool.

The key to staying comfortable while cycling is layering: bring lots of layers

To get maximum comfort with minimum weight, you need versatile layers that mix and match to create the right amount of insulation, ventilation and weather protection.
Start with a breathable synthetic shirt to layer under a vest, windbreaker, or jacket and avoid cotton fabrics while exercising – the absorbent qualities prevent wicking and insulate poorly when wet.

Try to bring only what is necessary FOR YOU!




Cycling shoes to clip in or athletic shoes for flat pedals or cage.

Remember to bring own pedals if you want to use clip



Cycling jersey – long-sleeve
Cycling jersey – short-sleeve, quick-drying, lightweight
Cycling pants
Cycling padding shorts
Cycling rain gear – jacket



Bring a few lightweight, easily washable items for city wear  for dinners and sightseeing.

Slacks,  skirts, mid-thigh shorts, button down shirts, etc. Comfortable and casual are great!

Sweater or light jacket
Long pants
Comfortable shoes or sandals
Swimsuit  for pool and thermal spa





Many people wonder if they should bring cycling gloves. Gloves provide much-needed padding for your hands and will prevent them from getting sore and tired as the day goes on. So the answer is YES!




Cycling shoes that come with cleats and special pedals can be great for comfort and performance.

BUT we strongly suggest to use on your bike vacation. Only if  regularly you use at home!

Take time to learn how to ride with them, and is better to try at home and be focused … the main difficult on first ride is remember to take off when you stop. After it become automatic!



Sunglasses, better  sport sunglasses


Sun hat




Reading and writing materials

Favourite energy snacks 

Garmin device 

Dress for


The restaurants we use have a very nice, pleasant atmosphere, but are not stuffy. Therefore, you will feel quite comfortable in casual clothes for these meals.
However, cycling clothes, running shorts and cycling shoes are not appropriate and should be reserved for biking.



Important contact information

Necessary medications

Personal Prescriptions

Toiletries and personal items

Personal identification

Credit cards

Cash for incidentals

Travel insurance essential info  

Cell phone and charger


Photocopy of passport

Power adapters 



Your choice  of Cicloposse bikes
Helmet: Met helmets
Saddle: Selle Italia  men’s and women’s specific models
New Cicloposse  water bottle
Luggage tags
flat or caged pedals
Front handlebar bag on upright handle bar bike
Saddle bag on drop handle bar bike
Repair kit, including spare tire;
Frame Pump; 





1 suitcase, 1 carry on

As a general guideline on what to pack for a bike tour, we suggest separating your first day’s cycling clothes and riding gear in your carry-on bag so your gear is easily accessible should there be any complications with your luggage. We recommend traveling light and limiting your luggage to one carry-on and one checked bag. You also may want to leave extra space in your luggage for any items you may want to bring home from your destination.


Laundry services are available for a fee at mostly of hotels and country accommodations  of our trips.   It’s also a great idea to pack a small amount of soap or detergent to do a quick kit wash in your room halfway through the trip or bring enough kits for the whole trip.



As a general rule, passports should have at least six months of validity when traveling internationally. This means that your passport’s expiration date should be at least six months after your final day of travel.




Weather is extremely important to consider when deciding what to pack for a bike tour. We want you to have the right gear when you need it most.

We offer our tours in Italy in the Springs and Fall when is supposed is nice, warm and sunny, anyway never before has the weather become so unpredictable, due to climate change. We notice, beside the extreme weather phenomena, that any season is different for the other.

For sure we do not recommend to join a bike  tours in July and August, because is almost sure temperature are too high.

On the contrary can be interesting consider shoulder season and come in March, April and November

Spring and fall departures are still the perfect  regarding the  temperatures.

Be aware rain is possible during all year

Please check the weather of your destination before you leave and be sure to be prepared for all possible conditions with the right gear – this includes bringing removable layers, long-fingered gloves, tights/leg warmers, shoe/toe covers, arm warmers, rain gear, vest, wind jacket, and ear covers.