Top 5 bike tour destinations in Italy, for when travel restrictions are lifted!

The top 5 Italian cycling tour destinations for when travel restrictions are lifted and we will explore safe and confident.

This is our top 5 regions as Italians, as bike travelling experts, as cycling lover!

  1. Tuscany: Evergreen
  2. Puglia: Trendy
  3. Sardinia: Emergent
  4. Piedmont: wine attraction
  5. Sicily Why not?

Where to cycle in Italy?

Tuscany in  first place, the hills are leg killer but it is the point of cycling.

Siena province is where we have all the famous breathtaking landscapes that have made Tuscany so well known in the world

Simply magnificent, stunning, gorgeous –  Tuscany:  love at first bike ride. 

Anyway it is still possible to explore and join a tour “off the beaten path “

Maremma, the southernmost area of the region which is part on coast

André e Joanne : We agree, that Maremma is off the beaten path but we thoroughly enjoyed every minute. The small villages/towns and its people are all part of the Italian history, charm and warmth that made our trip so special. We saw so many different landscapes and cultures along the way. From Pienza (a small and charming Tuscan town that we now know and appreciate very well) to Talamone (the sea air and open waters). This is certainly a very memorable trip.

Once a client coming to Tuscany for the first time confessed me:

“Before leaving I wondered if  I would have seen those marvelous landscapes, Now at the end of the trip I can tell it was not possible to skip this beauty, as it was 360 degrees around you, all ride long! Even just walking to restaurants  and from the hotel window”
I never forgot this phrase!

cypress tuscany cyccling
Tuscany, landscape in Val d’Orcia as seen from a drone

In Second position we place Puglia region

It is unique with so many small quiet roads inland and some outstanding coast roads south of Lecce

Valle d’itria with Alberobello, Ostuni and Polignano rule the roost.
Due to the suggestive trulli, conical roof houses and constructions, the area is unique.
the food and wine is also the attractions.
last year 2019 we started to go to a special Trulli Resort where we experienced  cooking lessons, not only hands-on  but going deeply in the food culture & history.  Trulli rooms are amazing. We are so proud of our Cycling and cooking in Puglia.

alberobello cycling

Third place – still on the podium –  Sardinia!

Not for number of people but surely because it is the real road cyclists’ paradise.

Sparsely populated, so scenery breathtaking roads, especially coastal roads, plus very well maintained. Our favorites are: the 40 km from Alghero to Bosa in the north west of island, Pan di Zucchero and Baia di Chia. Read more about this gems in our itineraries .
This ancient island offers more than the best beaches of Italy, think about in tour you can visit Alghero with spectacular preserved historic center with Spanish architecture, Bosa filled with cheerfully painted houses, medieval  Santu Lussurgiu a small village whose streets are all cobbled round-stones, Phoenician  and roman ruins in Tharros on the coast ending at nuraghe Barumini Unesco site from bronze Age. We tag it as emergent because in the last 5 years more and more people want to visit the island by bike.

where to cycle in Sardinia?
cycling north Sardinia – La Maddelena arcipelago- september 2019

Piemonte is famous region for wine and food with amazing landscapes

Wine lovers who also like cycling are welcome to explore Langhe valley,  where Barolo and Barbaresco are produced, made solely of nebbiolo grapes, two of the best Italian wines

We can define Piedmont as a sister of Tuscany: hills are steeper but riding through vineyards pays you back.

In 2019 we arranged a great tour focused on Langhe for 4 full days: La Morra, Monforte, Barolo, Alba, Canelli,  each day bike riding through vineyards and ending  with wine tasting in famous cellars like Cantine Ratti and Vietti.

It is not just about wine and landscapes:  food here has its history because of the influence of the neighbor, France. Here it was born the famous nutella, nutty of nuts blended with rich chocolate.


where to cycle in Piedmont?
wine tasting Vietti at the end of bike ride


Last but not least is Sicily  – Why not a visit of this eclectic Island by bike.

It is important to choose the right area – where it is possible to pedal in small secondary roads.

Through the ages Sicily has been a crossroads and crucible of Mediterranean culture.  Forever active  sea routes of trade and conquest, Greeks, Arabs, Byzantines, Romans, Saracens, Jews, Normans and pirates, what a heritage of mix cultures.
We strongly suggest val di Noto for your cycling vacation. The last flowering of the Baroque overtook after the earthquake of 1973 inspiring the construction of over-the-top fantasy town Noto, Ragusa, Modica, Scicli. Read more about this Unesco Site.

All the area is concentrated in the  southern east,  on the coast you will explore Marzamemi once only a fishing village famous for the most important tuna warehouse “tonnara” in the region.

Today the sun –drenched sea bleached main square welcome visitors. The road from Marzamemi to Porto Palo di Capo Passero is one of our favorite coastal roads.

where to ride in sicily?
Donna Lucata at sunset

Italy has 20 regions, those are our top five to explore by bike.

We love all the other regions and we have a particular interest in Basilicata- now famous for Matera unique monument Sassi -offers  lots of small villages and secluded countryside.

Cicloposse team

May 5th 2020