Spring 2020 – Post Lockdown

Spring is not canceled, on the contrary is coming into full force.

We want to share those photo we start to take on May 1st – when after 8 weeks of very strictly lock down in all Italy, we were allowed to go out for a ride in our town countryside

It has been a  strictly confinement, we call it house arrested, but even worst: house arrested people can received visitors!

Anyway we did it,  because of  bad and tragic news from north of Italy where the corona virus hit.

Personally I have parents, relatives and friends in Milano, where I was born and grew up.
I do not want to bore you about the routine I was able to create with my husband, connections, new project, and so on.

I prefer to share the great moment we were released to go out- finally I saw my daughter and son after 2 months and went out for a bike ride!

What  emotion to go out and see  the beautiful thriving of spring.

Cycling alone I met few local people, each person  on his  own, as required.

The only words we exchanged was about the ecstasy,  each of us  in contemplation, the landscape so famous of Val d’orcia is more emotional than ever.

The green is very brilliant and  blood red of poppies, yellow of broom  are vivid – is all so spectacular.

I put together this gallery, that can’t transmit the emotion and  the smell of this special spring.
For sure we appreciate more than usual, and wonder if even  here we have an effect of cleaner air.

May 18th

Giuliana Mulas