Bikes… in The New World

I was reading this article on The Economist: How lockdown converted the world to cycling, and the speed bumps that lie ahead

Seems like after pandemic is the cycling moment  and I reflect on it.

First of all in all Europe and America  bike shops are selling almost twice new  bikes.

In Italy the government give up to 500 euro reimbursement  for buying  a new bike and use instead of car.

Is a boom of sales and I recently asked to Scott Italy, where we bought our e-bikes and gravel bike – they finished all – warehouse empty  and we can only order for 2021!

Especially the small technological miracle: The E-Bike  can make a big difference and allow more people to use  the bike for transport even in  hilly area (like Tuscany!!!),  or longer distance

We really hope this will be a revolution: the use of the bike to move, instead of car or public transportation. So less pollution, people healthier and happier!

So I realized is exactly our vision becoming almost reality (few years ago we wrote down both  mission & vision)

Using our unlimited passion for cycling and travelling to promote the use of bike, not only for travel: biking as sport, biking to move from one place to another,  discover deeply the world around.

In 25 years meeting so many people taking our bike tours and trips, we were so satisfied when guests thank us and promise to go back home and do more cycling!

A colleague from Us, recently, wrote  this to me “My goal has always been to put more people on bikes and watch their grins overwhelm them”

I loved this – and  we had the same philosophy!

Giuliana Mulas

June 2, 2020


POST SCRIPTUM: tomorrow is the World Bicycle Day ! let’s celebrate