our relationship with e-bikes

are e-bikes


for any tour ?

YES, You can reserve an e-bike at any of our bike tours: guided, self- guided, custom and private.
Anyway we do not suggest to book a challenge tour – long distance with many climbs – and rent e-bike. Even if we have high end e-bikes they can’t last for all day ride if so difficult.

How much in

advance need

to reserve

an e-bikes?

When you book the tour is better already reserve the e-bike. 

Those bikes are the most requested. In high season often is all booked

No stress  


Choosing an e-bike tour you can ride with no stress with the help of our electric bikes: the stress to be not sue to arrive to next destination

Enjoy the day

Reserve an  e-bike and you won’t have problems to enjoy the day between the nature.

Enjoy the evening

Yes because you will have all energy to sightsee the destination, not be exhausted at dinner!
Source: guests feedback!

Paved road


gravel road

You can go everywhere,

on paved road,

uphill with no problem,

or on gravel road

is a pleasure, the bike is for everyone

We have different model – some are more appropriate on paved road and other model on mixed gravel and paved.

Will I do

some work out?


Definitely!!  You will do exercise

E-bike  assist in peddling and you decide  how much help to use –  in 4 mode from Eco to Turbo.

So you will use the mode depending on terrain and how much work out you want to do.

Who will

take care to

charge battery?

Every evening is necessary to charge the e-bike battery – even if you  only  used one bar of the total five – always better start the ride with fully charged battery

All our bikes can be charged taking off the battery or without – but connecting the charge to a plug.

In a self- guided bike tour client will take care to do, in a guide tour tour leaders will take care

Are group



and e-bike?

Yes, we are doing mixed group an all is working well

Come with your friends more or less trained and enjoy the tour all together .

Can I use

cleat pedals

on e-bike?

yes is possible!

we do not  encourage to do that –

but if you are used to bike pedals and prefer we can set your own pedals on e-bike

Can a Beginner

join a tour in


on E-bike?




Be aware

the tour you take by bike or ebike 

have a lower impact

than a vacation by car