divisore Equipment

helmets & co

Here what we provide with bikes in our bike tours.
If you want to bring personal items to feel as in your bike you are welcome to bring your own helmet, pedals and seat

helmet for biking


To insure your safety we require our guests to wear helmets.
We provide Italian helmet trade mark Met
You are welcome to bring your helmet but be aware  we will always bring our great helmets. If the space in your baggage is limited at last minute you can always count on ours

pedals bike tours Equipment


Our bikes come with toe clips (cage) or flat pedals. If you want to use your bike shoes you should bring your own pedals: we will be happy to install them on our bike. As there are so many kinds of cleat pedals we can’t provide all types.

seat bike tours Equipment


Very comfortable seats are available, model for women and for man, although no problem to fix your seat.
Please don’t bring the seat post.

bags bike tours Equipment


Handlebar bag with plastic pocket for highlighted maps, it can be fixed only on hybrid bikes and e-bike.
Rear bag fixed to seat post on  gravel and road bike

riding gear bike Equipment


Water bottle: we provide a new cicloposse water bottle to keep as souvenir to participant at our multi-days tour
Frame pump & extra tube
Tire levers & multi tools
Lock: a very useful deterrent to thieves

sizes Equipment


Persons from 5′ to 6’5” can be accommodated, we have 46 cm frame up to 62cm. We can’t accommodate request for kids less than 13 years old.

special gear bike tour Equipment


All bikes have a low gearing ratio to assist with hill climbing, our bikes with compact gear setups have a large 30/32 size rear cog. Please ask us about any specific concerns you have about the gearing of our bikes so we can ensure you enjoy your trip