Travel with less, is not necessary spend a fortune to join a guided bike tour in Italy

Road Support  never leave your side.

Trips Designed by locals bikers in artisan way

icon guided 1 How our guided bike tours works
In Guided tour you can always hop in the van, all time available. We don’t believe in simply giving our guests a map and a meeting point.
icon self 1 How our guided bike tours works
We know our guides are a traveler’s ticket to discovering the true nature of a destination with ease, so we ensure they remain with our guests, both on a bike and in a van, for the entire ride.
icon oneday 2 How our guided bike tours works
Every Cicloposse tour is a hand-crafted experience that has been thoughtfully assembled and honed by our team of trip designers

Enjoy your vacation at your own Pace
Want to skip the afternoon ride and head directly to the spa? Or perhaps you are craving just one more epic climb before getting out of the saddle. For those who prefer additional time to try other activities, or just relax by the pool, we plan layover days to allow you this option.
It is possible in our tour


GROUP SIZES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE A TRAVELER, NOT A TOURIST  Experiencing authentic, local culture is not easy with 25 other cyclists in jerseys. This is why a Cicloposse group doesn’t exceed 12 guests on a scheduled departure. Our guided tours average 8-12 travelers, a number that gives us access to the best in service, hotels and restaurants. We attract spirited individuals of all ages, with a congenial mix of singles, couples and occasionally families.


We select the best inns of the area. Most of Cicloposse’s accommodations combine authentic charm and modern comforts for a memorable lodging. You can find the list of hotels of each tour and we will be glad to give you all information and contact with hotels. We give all hotel list before you book so you can compare cost! Some hotel we use are the same of luxury bike tour company charging a fortune for a bike tour!

MORE INCLUSIONS FOR THE BEST VALUE Cicloposse includes more on trips than any other major bike tour company. Check: the price is less with more days!


Wonderful Meals!
Our restaurants are a combination of elegant restaurants and more relaxed trattoria. The choice of what to order is yours. The food on our trips reflects the specialties of the area. We allow and encourage you to order straight from the menu and we are with you to introduce to regional recipes, we live here and we are Italian… food & wine is part of our culture.


Mileage and Routing
We design our trips with maximum flexibility in mind, so that you can explore Italy at a pace that best suits you. It is absolutely a vacation and not a not a race! All our routes are carefully designed to show you the best enjoying quite roads. Most Cicloposse routes do not exceed 40 miles per day, but if you would like more biking we always have extensions or optional routes.


Selecting a Tour
For all the details, please e-mail us. We will describe for you, the routing, bikes & equipment, hotels and special events that make each tour unique. We can also provide a list of past formers’ clients who will be happy to talk to you about us.


Private bike Trips
Not only are lifelong memories built on a Cicloposse tour, but lifelong friendships as well. Year after year, groups that started as strangers end up making a Cicloposse tour their annual reunion


A fantastic mix of fellow travelers
Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion with your extended family, rewarding colleagues for a job well done, or simply wanting to share the bike trip of a lifetime with some of your closest friends a Cicloposse private trip is the ultimate way to enjoy effortless travel. Write us to find out how you can make any one of our itineraries your own Private Trip.


We don’t print brochures, we don’t spend money printing brochures so we pass our savings directly on to you giving good price considering the high quality of accommodations, bikes and services.

We try to update as much as possible the website with every information about company, itineraries, bikes and gear. Please feel free to ask any additional details or any doubt.


Last but not least
TOP OF THE LINE EQUIPMENT- Cicloposse’s mission is biking for the best travel experience, and this wouldn’t be possible without top-of-the-line equipment.
Is a bike tour and ride a nice bike is part of the adventure!

The downside is … when you get home you want to buy a new bike


On request we can provide references from our customers
We are happy to send you references of formers guests in your area who would love to discuss their Cicloposse experience

Each year over 30% of our guests are repeat and 70% select us from word of mouth.   It is an honour to be selected as the bike tour of choice by seasoned and experienced travelers.