Spain: a bike friendly country

Cicloposse team has recently been on a bike trip in Mallorca – November 2016.
It was a scouting trip as well as dreamed vacation- It was very successful we had a blast – we already have up-dated our Mallorca bike tour- self guided.

In this post I just want to share our  admiration for Spanish people and Spain Country – I think Italy and maybe other countries in the world have to learn from them.

In Spain they have been using road signs to ask respect for cyclists on the road for some years

I noted these road signs 4 years ago in Catalunya and I’ve seen many of them this year in Mallorca.
Let us say: those signposts work! In fact car and van drivers respect the distance from the bikers , they use the brakes if necessary and they wait to have enough space to overtake. FANTASTIC!!! This is the real paradise.

mallorca cycling
tools available at Coll de Sa Batalla

On the other side there also are signs also for cyclists in some points where they ask you to stay in single file! No en Parallel
In Mallorca island, due to the great success and increase of tourists by bike you can find everywhere tools to be used, such as floor pump, extra tube to buy.

No doubt: we are jealous!

Cicloposse Team, December 2016