Cicloposse Bike Jersey: the history

The history or our bike jerseys… waiting the new one for 2017

The first bike Jersey was the yellow

Ho voluto La bicicletta? Ora pedalo! What means?

yellow bike jersey
First bike jersey cicloposse

Is a way to say in Italy:

did I wanted the bicycle? Now I have to pedal
Is a message for client taking the bike tour or renting bike… do not complain when you are climbing!


the second ORANGE JERSEY Pedalo Ergo Sum – what means?

orange bike jersey
The Orange jersey Cicloposse

Pedalo Ergo Sum means I pedal therefore I am!
From the philosopher Descartes used to believe “Cogito Ergo Sum”  in latin, that is : “I think therefore I am”
Is a way to declare your passion for cycling or simply a message for car driver


The third and last bike jersey  is stylish and made in Tuscany

bike trip jersey
Einstein Bike Jersey

Bike Jersey details: The jerseys made by famous Italian-tuscan company Parentini combine fashion and exciting Cicloposse logo graphics with the highest performance technical fabrics.

In the back you can read the sentences
La vita è come andare in bicicletta: devi muoverti per stare in equilibrio
Life is like riding a bicycle: to keep your balance you must keep moving
Albert Einstein wrote in 1930