Our Green practice

Of course we are green! It is in our DNA to be ecological, is the reason we choose to arrange cycling vacation in the unspoilt part of Tuscany 22 years ago. Global warming is a reality and in last 22 years we experienced the change.

Here small things we do to minimize environmental impact

  • No brochure: we eliminated them since the start of business in 1995: all of our tour listings and details are online, among these pages, and we make every effort to be available quickly by email and phone to answer questions so as to make brochures unnecessary for booking a trip.
  • We promote self-guided which means that support vehicles are not in service most of the time.
  • We use only mechanic tool and floor pump (not compressor) we do not waste water to clean bikes. We provide a new water bottle keepsake to be used many times to reduce the plastic bottles
  • We do our best to work with suppliers and properties that also adhere to ecological, low impact ways of doing business. It certainly isn’t always available, but where it is, we try.
  • We do our part to live lightly and conserve. We are not eco-warriors, just concerned citizens of the planet doing what we can to rethink how we get things done. We believe that a little contribution by everyone will make a big impact and doing so doesn’t require an unreasonable sacrifice.
  • We avoid over-packaged good, we use recyclable containers, We use biodegradable products, we do not use energy in our bike maintenance, all mechanic.
  • We try to encourage clients not to use air condition in the van and in accommodation – and also suggest to turn off light when they do not really need. and also, very important for us, we explain how to save water.
  • We select accommodations/lodgings that support sustainable practices such as: optional re-use of towels / bedding (rather than replacing daily), use of solar panels for heating. We you use bio-degradable soaps for washing.
  • We specifically brief the clients about such things as appropriate dress, body language, greeting formalities, eating and drinking practices prior to visiting homes, temples, museums.
  • We encourage clients to shop in places that stock local goods, souvenirs and crafts rather than imported goods

We hope you believe in the value of this and take pride in knowing your trip isn’t making the planet worse!

Cicloposse team