Less is more …on a saddle

How this is true!!

All you read and hear about Tuscany is true: breathtaking scenery, amazing landscape, and bunches of hills!

It is so important you have on your bike only what you need, only the useful stuff!

Stay light on the bike if you take a bike tour!

No panniers.

No stand!  When you stop just lay the bike to a wall or to a gate.

No fender:  first of all riding under the  rain is not fun  and it is dangerous on steep downhill –  waiting for rain to stop is advisable  in Italy.

Do your  decluttering in a strategic way.

Follow the suggestions of the successful blog  The Minimalist  they say “focus on positive, on plus”! In this case: more light, more freedom, more relaxing, more speed!

Cicloposse Team

JUNE  2016