Self guided Travelling – what is?

Road Support  never leave your side
Support & Independence
Private & Flexible
Affordable & Alternative

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Self-guided does NOT mean that you’re totally on your own. While you’ll have more flexibility to ride at your own pace and take breaks at your leisure we organize the logistics for you.
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We can modify any of our tours to suit your particular needs: hotels, distance, number of days. You can start any day of the week and …You will be  the guide!
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Our self-guided tours offer the same quality, style, service and comforts of our guided trips at dramatic better price.

Self guided travel is a growing trend due to the flexibility to start and the better price. It offers support and independence, and customers don’t have to do any work to put it together!

We are running self guided bike tour since 1996, we consider ourselves pioneers and we perfected the art of self-guided travel.

In case you are new to this concept of travel : is not a “self-contained” touring but it is an alternative to the guided tour! This concept applies to bicycle tours as well as walking tours, and certainly any other activity, such as walking, canoe, cross country ski.

You can start whenever you want and the tour is flexible!

Self-guided bicycle touring with us gives you the independence of
Travel at your own pace
· on the dates you choose (please see specific tour departures for details)
· over a tested route
· on the bike of your choice (with racing-style handlebars or a touring bike with upright handlebars)
· while staying in delightful lodgings along the way
· and exploring the culture and the cuisine at your leisure.

Trip usually includes:
deluxe lodging, breakfast daily, luggage transfers, local emergency support, orientation, riding routes with maps and cue sheets, suggestions for visitation and dining, bike delivery, pickup, fitting, and fully equipped rental for the duration.”

Self guided biking can be characterized by the following advantages/benefits

Flexible – Departure Dates Open and durations can be modified to meet a clients time available, a leg can be added, hotels are available for many budgets, often in combination, no minimum participation: no risk of cancellation: departure is guarantee

Supported: we propose self guided where baggage transfers, emergency support, orientations, transfers, are provided.
These support services are extremely beneficial because it is founded on expert knowledge of the region and a very reliable source for finding and offering unique properties, routes, and visits.

Off the beaten path – Self guided are created with a vacation experience in mind. We choose the best secondary road, scenery, passing through small villages and less traffic as much as possible.

Affordable – prices are amazing by comparison to the group guided option
Price of self guided is mostly based upon level of accommodations and duration of trip. We publish hotel used for the tour and you can check web site – also some tour have the less expensive hotel option (simple 3 star or nice B&B) and the luxury option (4 start and 5 star deluxe hotel)

Our Cycling Independent tours in Tuscany, Umbria, Sardinia, Puglia  & Mallorca require some minimum level of fitness

You will cycle the famous undulating countryside – the hilly terrain makes the tour somewhat challenging! hills are generally long and with a grade of between 7% – 10% and for this reason we provide state-of-the-art bikes: lightweight, top quality components– believe us: cycle on a good quality bike here make a big difference.

Strong riders can enjoy as well: we provide extension each day – for less strong bikers we can provide each day shorter options – the only way to have easier rides is cycling less distance.

Can you read a map and follow road signs?

This should be really easy, in our Meet & Greet we will explain how maps and directions work.

Self-guided individual bike tours have become increasingly popular because of the flexibility and independence they offer. They cost less than guided bicycle tours but still maintain a level of support and convenience that allows you to explore on your own schedule without sweating the logistics.
Be sure to consider your comfort level with navigating a different culture and foreign language, reading maps and signs, using gps app, ordering food, and dealing with flats or other minor emergencies – some travelers don’t enjoy doing these things for themselves, but others find them the best part of an adventure.

Garmin Gps

The use of Garmin is growing and everybody like this toy! In the last 2 years clients are bringing own Garmin and we can provide the GPS tracks. Advise us once you booked and we will send the link to Garmin cicloposse account, you can download the track of each day. But you always will receive all the printed package.