Cycling in a Blue zone

Do you know that Sardinia, besides magnificent beaches and rugged landscape, is one of  Blue Zone? Fact: After years of extensive studies done by a group of scientists, they identified five habitats in the world, called Blue Zones, where the inhabitants demonstrate extraordinary longevity; Okinawa in Japan, Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, Ikaria in Greece, Loma Linda in California and Sardinia, Italy. It is curios:  Dan Buettner, during his bicycling trips, became interested in demographics and longevity and began his research into blue zones Surprisingly despite the vast geographical and cultural differences of these five places, they all seem to have many similarities mainly due to their isolation, for example an active daily lifestyle, locally grown food, preservation of traditions, high family values and genetics to name a few. After receiving many requests we have decided to offer a special edition of our Cooking and cycling in Sardinia  bike tour “Discovering Centenarians” from  June 28th to July 4th  2015 This tour will include a visit to visit the Barbagia “ the blue zone” On day six the bike ride will start in Nurri, we will cycle through the region of Barbagia, famous for its impervious mountains, pedalling across amazing landscape of Flumendosa and past the Mulargia lakes and through little villages like Orroli, Escalaplano and Esterzili.  These little villages are interesting for the number of centenarians who live and stay active there in excellent mental and physical shape, as if they were still in their sixties This is great way to learn while doing an active cycling trip! The Sardinian lifestyle and pleasant climate plays a big part in the longevity of its people. Shepherds and farmers walk miles and miles and perform consistent physical work every day. Locals commute in towns by foot or bicycle to shop, to meet friends or just to get their daily exercise, even in the towns are situated in a hilly area. Sardinians enjoy the outdoors and what nature provides. One of the principal foods of the Sardinians is known as Pecorino, 100% sheep milk cheese; thought to contain components that may prevent inflammatory diseases of aging such as heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Other traditional foods making up the Sardinian diet are whole grain breads, legumes, nuts and berries, with chicken, lamb, pork, wild boar, donkey, horse, oily fish and shellfish for meat. The large variety of meats were not always available in the high mountainous regions, where meat was reserved for meals just once or twice a week. A glass or two of locally made wine is always drunk at each meal. Some of the most famous Sardinian wines are Cannonau, Carignano del Sulcis and Malvasia. Sardinian wines have been found to contain at least three times the antioxidants of any other wines. If you want to cycle through the rugged landscape and climb to the mountainous villages where the centenarians live, eat and tell their stories in the town squares join this bike trip! It’s a culinary bike tour and you will cook the traditional recipes of this island with two professional and one family chef!   Experience breathing in the clean air and gazing up at the star filled skies in the night!  And enjoy and the clear blue sea and crystal beaches.

Cicloposse Team, February 2015