Anniversary: 20 years we moved to Tuscany

Today June 1st 2014:  20 years ago… june 1st 1994  we moved to Tuscany! When  and we said to friend and family we wanted start a bike tour business everyone told us we were crazy. Also local people thought we were insane. We start with 10 hybrid bikes Cinelli brand, Velociraptor and Stratocaster (those were the name of models) Now there are so many competitors! Cycling in Tuscany is trendy and more and more, people from all over the world  want to come to and cycle  with Tuscan landscape around. We still love cycling here and put together always new stylish bike tour with – most important- nice bike ! Now We assemble  our bikes, we order high quality carbon fiber frame  in a small factory in north Italy, we decide the style: colour and our logo. We assemble with Ultegra Shimano compact 22 speed, all group set, nice handle bar, and Italian comfortable saddle…  you should bring just your cleat pedals.

June 2014

Cinelli Velociraptor cilcoposse first bikes
Cinelli Velociraptor – 1994

Cicloposse race bike
Cicloposse race bike – 2014

Original Logo cicloposse
Original Logo