Sardinia Island Cycling

Sardinia has always been a popular escape spot – not only for its beautiful beaches, but also due to its remote nature and land: the waters rival the Caribbean! This is an island for adventurers and the varied landscape is ripe for exploration.  From the beaches to the mountains through forests and hilltop village, Sardinia is not just a beach paradise, but a cyclist’s dream as well. Scantily populated with breathtaking views all around, you are free to explore the open road: less residents equals fewer cars – hence traffic free roads await you.

We start to run bike trips there since 2008 and now we have one guided challenging bike tour, two self guided bike tours (north part and south part) and a culinary program bike & cook. Come and l spend a week biking all around rugged Landscape of the island: from the west coast, Alghero and Bosa, to medieval villages and roman towns, such as Santu Lussurgiu, then down to Oristano, rich in history, you can visit Tharros,a Punic-Roman ruins complex, and admire the famous beach IS ARUTAS, made by pure white little pebbles.

While a winding coastal drive—perfect for a roadster —offers dramatic Mediterranean views and a powerful adrenaline rush, the real highlights are the actual rocks, or more precisely, the prehistoric stone dwellings found in the mountainous interior, the island is home to more than 7,000 stone Nuraghi towers, Bronze Age castles built between 1600 and 1100 B.C.  Not-to-be missed, the unique nuraghe village – Unesco heritage site – Su nuraxi in Barumini. The cuisine is also a mélange of cultures and traditions: a wide variety of good wines are made in Sardinia, especially sweet wines. Our Cycling and cooking tour allow you to have three professional yet fun cooking lesson. Steeped in centuries of tradition the food and flavors of Sardinia are surprising and uncommon outstanding bounty of products ranging from the pecorino and fiore sardo sheep milk cheese to olive oil, hams, unusual pastas malloreddus and culurgiones, honey, wine, liqueurs and sweets.  Prized mullet roe – Bottarga-  is the typical topping for Sardinian pasta recipe.