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Cycling and Adventure company based in Tuscany offering unforgettable travel experience in Italy. It is all about Passion for biking & Love for Travel. We provide high quality services and at the same time low impact trips on the natural and social environment. We support partners and spread awareness among our guests, towards more sustainability.

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Our signature trips are focused on food & wine.
Imagine, after the daily bike ride, to taste best regional food  paired with local great wines, and you cook.

Our Self-Guided Trips combine amazing itinerary in cozy lodging  with the freedom of your pace.
4-nights or 2 weeks,  couples, solo and group of friends

Our Guided Trips are cycling adventures to join and meet people with the same passion: travel by bike! 
All is planned to deliver a lifetime experience

Get inspired from our  destinations and itineraries. Together with people you love.
Let’s create the desired cycling vacation and let’s get it started!



last supper

Leonardo da Vinci: a pioneer of nouvelle cuisine

When scouting for our immersive bike tours in Puglia, especially those  focused on food and wine, we stumbled upon an incredible gem in the town of Lecce. Thanks to a local colleague’s recommendation, we were introduced to “Tre Rane Ristoro,” a culinary haven that captures the essence of Puglia’s popular cuisine blended with the sophistication

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Gravel Cycling Events

Unveiling Autumn’s Gravel Cycling Events in the Splendid Landscapes in Tuscany: Terre di Siena As the seasons shift, Tuscany’s enchanting landscapes continue to beckon cyclists from around the world to embark on thrilling adventures. This fall, the region becomes the stage for three remarkable gravel cycling events that promise to take participants on unforgettable journeys

e-bikes tours

Can a Beginner join a tour in Tuscany on E-bike?

What are E-Bikes? E-bikes, short for electric bikes, are a wonderful innovation that combines the joy of cycling with a little boost of power. These two-wheeled wonders feature a pedal-assist system, meaning they provide assistance while you pedal. Don’t be fooled, though: e-bikes are genuine bicycles and require active participation from the rider.   The

gravel in Tuscany

Why gravel cycling is so popular?

Popularity of Gravel Biking: Exploring the Success Behind the Trend Gravel biking has become a resounding sensation in recent years, captivating cycling enthusiasts and garnering widespread attention. Its rise to prominence can be attributed to a combination of factors that have made it a formidable trend in the cycling world. In this article, we will