Climb Monte Amiata

Climb Monte Amiata

Climb Monte Amiata

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Bike tour Monte Amiata

challenging bike trip Tuscany

Very Challenging level: Monte Amiata, 1738 meters altitude – Italian Mont Ventoux

58 miles – mostly climb.

We call the Italian Mont Ventoux because there are many similar characteristics: 1) is a mountain surrounded by tuscan hills: Montepulciano, Pienza, Radicofani, Montalcino while Mont Ventoux is surrounded by Provence shorter hills.

Tuscany and Provence, both beautiful areas to visit, that really worth for scenery, food & wine, history. 2) it is a long and not very steep climb, and 3) both peaks have 3 roads to climb the top. But we regret our Monte Amiata is not so famous for cycling! Maybe we need giro d’Italia come here soon. This is a big ride for the local race bikers.

our proposal is  from Pienza to the top – Vetta Amiata – is 47 km distance and of course you will enjoy downhill after!
Start with a nice downhill with breathtaking view of Val d’orcia , then about 20 km very gentle rolling hills, almost flat. At km 21 start the climb, at beginning very gentle, then steeper.

At km 24 we have San Filippo hot spring and just after start the more difficult until Abbadia San Salvatore. Here in town you will take the road to Vetta, inside forest. The uphill is 26 km long. This trip is suggested for strong biker and in the summer: June, July, August and September.

Distance 29 miles /47 km to the top

Elevation gain 5,713 ft /1,741 meters

Minimum elevation 898 ft/247 meters

Maximum elevation 5,542 ft/1,689 meters

Carbon frame race bike, hybrid & high-end E-bike

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