Yoga is a beautiful activity, that has been growing for decades all over the world and that has recently helped a lot of people to get through the difficult times we’ve been living because of the pandemic. It helps our body in many ways, adding flexibility and strength, while calming our mind and helping to focus on what is really important for us.

Yoga practice can also be focused on specific parts of our body, according to what the practitioners need and look for. The kind of yoga you will experience is tailor-made for cyclists, targeting those areas that have been stressed during a bike ride.

Podere Trafontitrafonti 02 Yoga 4 Cyclists, nestled in the picturesque hills outside Montefollonico, between Pienza and Montepulciano offers amazing re-creative experiences for groups and has also become a meeting point for the local community for practising yoga, all year long.


Practising yoga under the old “leccio” (green oak). Photo by Andrea Della Giovampaola for Podere Trafonti


After a day on the bicycle it will feel great to stretch your hamstrings, massage the lower back and soften the neck.

Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a beginner, take the chance to practice in a beautiful location with an experienced local instructor fluent in English, Spanish and, obviously, Italian.

The style and intensity of Yoga varies according to the group age, physical conditions and goal, so that everyone can fully enjoy the experience.

All you need is enthusiasm and an open mind, the teacher will provide you with the mat if you don’t carry one. Comfy and light clothes are suggested.


 “Are you ready to live an incredible experience?”   Yoga Cycling Retreat

Marco Paier

Yoga Teacher in Tuscany

March 21 2022