Best in Travel 2024: Tuscany’s Art of Slow Living

Riding the Tuscany Wave

The news: A few days ago, the Tuscany region proudly emerged in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2024.

While some may have raised an eyebrow in other Italian corners, we couldn’t help but nod in agreement. Tuscany, with its celebration of the slow life and embodiment of la dolce vita, rightfully claimed its spot. Let’s dive into why Tuscany stole the spotlight.

Exploring the Essence of Tuscany

“Few places celebrate the slow life or embody la dolce vita like Tuscany.”

We’re thrilled about Tuscany’s recognition because it’s all true.
Tuscany isn’t just about the Etruscan heritage or the Val di Chiana’s archaeological treasures; it’s a seamless blend of exploration, farmhouse cuisine, and exquisite wines. For ages, our bike tours have been curating experiences that intertwine cycling, wine tours, and the essence of Italy.

Are there tours with authentic farmhouse cuisine in Tuscany?

Besides we can read on best in Travel: “Be it exploring new hiking trails or rediscovering cucina contadina farmhouse cuisine, the new-gen Tuscan experience remains in perfect symbiosis with the land

We’ve always known the magic that comes with the perfect fusion of exploration and authentic farmhouse cuisine. In fact, our cycling and cooking tours in Val d’Orcia are crafted precisely on this principle. See the details Cycling and Cooking holidays in Italy 

Pedaling Through the Tuscan Dolce Vita

We believe in offering more than the stereotypical “dolce vita” experience.
The term, coined in the late ’60s, might evoke images of glamorous and sometimes shallow lifestyles. 
However, Tuscany’s version is more nuanced – it’s the “slow life.
Picture leisurely strolls, wine and cheese tastings, yoga, biking, and walks amidst breathtaking hills. It’s about embracing art, beauty, and the unhurried rhythms of quaint villages.
We’re thrilled about Tuscany’s recognition because it’s all true

Dispelling Dolce Vita Myths

Contrary to the Dolce Vita movie  of the ’60s, there are no paparazzi-filled parties or scandalous fountains in Tuscany.
Even the occasional visit from celebrities is met with the tranquility they seek. Living the good life here involves savoring moments, not flashbulbs.

Tuscany’s Best Moments:

Wow Factors Unveiled

Again for lonely planet: 4 Highlights

  • Marvel at unrivaled art, from medieval to Renaissance, in the Duomo and Museo Civico in the hilltop city of Siena.
  • Uncover the insatiable charm of Arezzo over a passeggiata – afternoon stroll, and aperitivo – drinks on cinematic Piazza Grande.
  • Drink in unmatched Val di Chiana views at sunset over a glass of Vino Nobile at 19th-century Caffè Poliziano in Montepulciano
  • Watch the Tour de France, the world’s most famous cycling race, depart from Florence on June 29, 2024

Confirming the Best in Travel 2024 highlights, or as we fondly call them, “wow moments,” Siena and Montepulciano are staples in our bike tours. Wine tasting with Vino Nobile? Always.

And brace yourselves for the exciting addition of the Tour de France, starting from Florence in 2024 – a thrilling prospect for passionate cyclists like us!

If you are wondering What are the best cycling tours in Tuscany for 2024, we definitely suggest you val d’Orcia, emergent maremma to the sea, Amiata mountain and the evergreen Chianti classico.

Tuscany Awaits Your Two-Wheeled Adventure

As the Best in Travel spotlight shines on Tuscany, we invite you to join us in embracing the slow life, savoring every pedal stroke, and discovering the true essence of la dolce vita.

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a leisurely wanderer, Tuscany promises a symphony of experiences that will leave you craving more.

So, tighten your helmet straps and let’s embark on a journey through the heart of Italy’s finest region. The adventure awaits!

November 2023