Back from Africa: Bamako’ to Dakar

To ride is always a good experience but when you ride across a part of Africa between Mali and Senegal you already know before doing that will be a particular experience.This is what happen to me but reality exceeded my expectations. Now once that I’m back the best memories are about spots and villages crossed and the people met on the road from Bamako’ to Dakar. Good vibrations even with my traveling fellows everyone sharing the passion for the bicycle and To give a little help to the projects working there. I was ready about all that happened but something above all impressed me about the Malians riders that rode with us for 7 days. To describe their bicycles “old” is not adequate but their passion and will charged me and my friends more than any kind of energy bars. This motivated me to promise them to bring 6 new bicycles shoes and pedals to ride the next edition in February 2011. and I am engaged to do that! I know that it doesn’t change the world but I’m sure that will get 6 riders happy. Ciao, Marco Tornaghi