The Italian Mont Ventoux is in Southern Tuscany!

Here in southern Tuscany we have Monte Amiata , 1800 meters altitude . Marco call the Italian Mont Ventoux because there are many similar characteristic. First of all a mountain surrounded by shorter hills, so tuscan hill here around: Montepulciano, Pienza, Radicofani, Montalcino. Like mont Ventoux is a mountain surrouded by Provence shorter hills. Tuscany and Provence, both a beautiful area to visit, that really worth the visit for food and wine The other big likeness is the long and not very steep climb and both top have 3 road to arrive on the top But we regret our Monte Amiata is not so famous for cycling! Maybe we need giro d’Italia come here soon. this is a big ride for the local race bikers We propose the bike ride: from Pienza to the top – Vetta Amiata – is 47 km distance Start with a nice downhill with breathtaking view of Val d’orcia , then about 20 km very gentle rolling hills, almost flat. At km 21 start the climb, at beginning very gentle, then steeper The uphill is 26 km long.