Signing up for first bike tour?

More and more travellers are finding great options to ease into bike adventure with bike tours that offer riding distances for every ability, easy-to-follow itineraries with detailed route notes and GPS device, and a variety of affordable rates to top luxury.

If you are thinking to sign up for your first bike tour here are SOME TIPS to get you started, and ready!

  • Guided or self guided – this is the question

Decide whether you prefer riding with a guide and a group or more on your own Guided and self-guided tours offer somewhat different experiences, and each has unique advantages  and, for some people, disadvantages.
For example, on guided tours, riders tend to stick together as a group with the guide and need to respect time schedule . If you prefer to explore cities and the countryside at your own pace, a self-guided bike tour may be a better option.

  • Be realistic in the distance you wish to cover each day

Don’t use your longest ride or ideal weekend distance as a guide in choosing the daily distance of your bike tour. Remember that you will be on vacation and there will be a lot to see along the way-and you’ll be riding for several days, usually back to back.
At the same time think you can do more because you have all day! (you have not to be at home in time to cook or to work).

  • Don’t overestimate your ability level

Many strong athletes who do a lot of running, swimming, or weight training make the mistake that they’ll do fine on a bicycle tour. Cycling uses a lot of different muscles than other sports, and even strong, in-shape athletes find their weariness comes sooner than expected. See Levels.

  • Ride near  the off season: just before or after high season

We suggest to check with local company when is the period when  crowds are smaller, but otherwise you’re getting all the pluses of a high-season experience.
Just before or after the peak will be easier find the best room with view, decide last minute the restaurant for dinner and enjoy the best weather for a cycling vacation.

Cicloposse Team, December 2015