The option E-Bike

Technological development has made enormous strides in the last years, until recently it was not possible to provide e-bikes in our bike tours in Tuscany and Umbria, now if we use the state-of-the art e-bikes is possible and we are working for this!

We are not pushing for E-bike,  as we are mostly “purists” and our motto is: Bike tours for Cyclists & Travelers – anyway Electric bikes are also equalizers, when two riders are of differing abilities and shape.

Electric bikes are quite popular  in Europe, and newer models don’t make it obvious that you’re getting an help.

These are not mopeds: you still have to pedal-just not as hard when you have long hills to climb.

cycling in Tuscany
E-bike or help?

E-assist bikes are making cycle-touring possible for travellers who never thought they could tour on two wheels in hilly area like Tuscany.

This is not just a question of fitness level; older riders especially those who are recovering from knee surgery don’t have to miss out thanks to the benefits of E-bikes.

Cicloposse team, February 2016