Lead with Love yoga retreats

In may 2020 it was planned the Lead with Love yoga retreat in Beaune, Burgundy and we were signed – of course it was cancelled as any event on the planet due to Pandemic.

We joined the first LWL European retreat in 2019, in May, in the beautiful Burgundy’s capital BEAUNE, known for the annual wine auction of the Hospices de Beaune. When I discovered the yoga sessions and our meetings were at the historical building I was amazed.

We met Gina Guarrascio Murdock, LWL ‘ s founder, more than 10 years ago during a bike tour in Tuscany… of course! She impressed me as a brave heart cyclist.
Lead With Love is based in Aspen, Colorado and its main mission is shift culture from fear to Love, by nurturing heart-centered leaders.

Back to the retreat in 2019 is has been a deep experience with many inspiring moment , daily yoga & meditation with renowned teacher Yogarupa Rod Striker.
In Addition Each early morning mediation was with different approach by LWL team: Gina, Nicole and Abbey.
Certainly my favorite and transforming experience has been the Choose Love workshop by LWL.
“Because I have a choice, I choose love” Deepak Chopra

However at retreat we were about 60 people from different countries: France, Switzerland, Us and some from Italy.
Special guest from Italy: Stella di Campalto, owner of the Brunello winery in Montalcino and Elisa Bava singer in the Explosion band
We had connection with local organic farmers and one of highlight was supporting them with donation.

The last night there was a crazy unforgettable party: the farewell Renaissance Revival. In other words we wear historic costumes in the room of the king at hospice of Beaune.
In the town of Beaune there is a lady collecting costumes since many years, so we rented them, there was big choice of medieval and Renaissance age dress.
She explained a lot about history and Marco that night was dressed like the Philippe l’Hardy, king of Burgundy,  at one point he was really convinced to be him.

The party was very successful and fun, it was a perfect end of the event.

For this reason we were so sad this year it was not possible – and anyway sad for the pandemic All over the world.
In conclusion we hope is only postponed and why not next retreat can be arranged in Italy, in the new reality we are going into.


Giuliana Mulas