Mallorca: good reasons to go and ride!

The main reason cyclist and all bike lovers  want to go and ride in Mallorca island is they want to ride where pro teams train ! Teams like Sky enjoy the great weather and no traffic road before the completion season start.  So the island  is now famous in the cycling community!

Where the pro team train?

Especially in the northern backbone The Serra de Tramontana mountain. In 2011, this mountain range was awarded World Heritage Status by UNESCO. Summiting Puig de Massanella, the mountain’s second highest peak, is a popular excursion – are you up for the challenge of climbing 4,475 feet?

Definitely we think there are 4 iconic  climbs/route  in Mallorca – must to do – that we will include in our  tour:

  • Cap Formentor and lighthouse
  • Sa Calobra  
  • Col de sa Bataia and Sanctuary Lluc
  • Col de soller -on the tunnel-

 The respect for cyclists – read our article about the smart signal you find in the land – but also in catalunya!

Our  unique cycling tour in Mallorca – EPIC-  a challenge guided road cycling trip ideal for bike clubs and triathletes but also a self guided affordable to couples and small group of friends who like to explore on 2 wheels.

Majorca  is the original name in Spanish – it  is the largest of the Balearic Islands,  its 310 mile long coastline a draw for millions of sun worshipers every year. So one of the other reason is the incredible crystalline beaches  you can admire  AND ENJOY.

After the “sport interest”  we add the wine and food!

You can’t visit Spain without enjoying the wine, but did you know that until recently, most of the wine drunk on Majorca was imported from the mainland? The island’s abundant almond crops left little room for vineyards, but a group of winemakers came together in the 1990s and dedicated themselves to better growing methods, new varieties and improvements in wine production. Today, those vineyards throughout Majorca open their doors to wine enthusiasts to enjoy reds, whites and sparkling wines that cannot be found elsewhere in the world.

Traditionally filled with ‘cabello de ángel’ (pumpkin strands in syrup), ensaimadas are a sweet and airy pastry made with eggs, flour, butter and sugar. Travellers can find ensaimadas in virtually every cafe on Majorca, with fillings and toppings ranging from a dusting of powdered sugar to sinfully sweet apricot preserves and whipping cream.

Something interesting is see how the animal are free on the fields, is a paradise for pigs, cows, goats, sheep.

Last but not least the Art!   Train stations are not normally the number one place to find world famous works of art, but the Soller Train Station bucks the trend and houses a small and free  museum dedicated to the Spanish artists Joan Miro and Pablo Picasso. Rather an unusual spot to admire stunning artwork, we love the casual quirkiness of the location and the accessibility it provides.

Cicloposse Team, May 2018