coffee break

Caffé: how italians order it!

Visitors to Italy ordering  their first real cappuccino and caffè espresso should remember that they’re in sacred territory. It is sure we invented the way the rest of the world prepares, serves and drinks coffee! Using our words: cappuccino, latte macchiato, Venti, Grande Using espresso machine steam driven – first pioneered by Angelo Moriondo in Turin in 1884. Fashion


Lead with Love yoga retreats

In may 2020 it was planned the Lead with Love yoga retreat in Beaune, Burgundy and we were signed – of course it was cancelled as any event on the planet due to Pandemic. We joined the first LWL European retreat in 2019, in May, in the beautiful Burgundy’s capital BEAUNE, known for the annual

christmas card

Make way for 2021!

We are at the end of this odd year, which has been painful and overwhelming all over the world, so we want to send you our greetings, our love. In these dark days the mass vaccination campaigns have started and give hopes. WHAT WE DID: we are so proud to be part and founder of

eroica montalcino 2020

Eroica Montalcino 2020

There were 967 cyclists joining and riding the vintage race, with their vintage bikes! On August 30th, the 4th edition of Eroica Montalcino took place, in the Orcia Valley. The original Eroica, in the past years, has always taken place the first Sunday of October in the Chianti area, but this year, unfortunately, it has been

bike riding in tuscany

Bikes… in The New World

I was reading this article on The Economist: How lockdown converted the world to cycling, and the speed bumps that lie ahead Seems like after pandemic is the cycling moment  and I reflect on it. First of all in all Europe and America  bike shops are selling almost twice new  bikes. In Italy the government give

cycling in spring 2020

Spring 2020 – Post Lockdown

Spring is not canceled, on the contrary is coming into full force. We want to share those photo we start to take on May 1st – when after 8 weeks of very strictly lock down in all Italy, we were allowed to go out for a ride in our town countryside It has been a  strictly

where to cycle in Tuscany

Top 5 bike tour destinations in Italy, for when travel restrictions are lifted!

The top 5 Italian cycling tour destinations for when travel restrictions are lifted and we will explore safe and confident. This is our top 5 regions as Italians, as bike travelling experts, as cycling lover! Tuscany: Evergreen Puglia: Trendy Sardinia: Emergent Piedmont: wine attraction Sicily Why not? Where to cycle in Italy? Tuscany in  first

bike toru lanzarote island

Lanzarote bike tour

A Cycling Adventure Through Canaries islands When we can finally travel again this bike tour will be in  our must-to-do list. We did the fantastic scouting bike trip at Canaries Island first week of February – we are AMAZED,  as we discovered the chic eco-sustainable cyclist’s friendly Island of Lanzarote Canaries is a trendy destination for

pienza town

Pienza: A bit of history

Pienza, the little town where Cicloposse is located, has nowadays become very famous, not only in Italy. The reasons are multiple: pecorino cheese, the fact that it is one of the towns inside Orcia valley and also for being itself a turning point for history of architecture, because it can be also called “the ideal